Health e Regions Tara

“She’s come a long way. She’s not afraid to stand up in front of the class anymore,” said Annette, reflecting on Kandice’s journey.

Health-e-Regions is a partnership between Shell’s QGC business and the University of Queensland’s Centre for Online Health. Through the program, Kandice has access to regular speech and language therapy sessions, delivered into the school using telehealth by UQ speech therapy students in Brisbane. She’s been part of the program since 2017.

Before starting, Kandice struggled with words and building sentences.

“She was stuttering, she’d try to get two words into one and she talked too quick,” said Annette, who is also Kandice’s carer.

“I don’t hear her stutter anymore. She comes up with long sentences. If she jumbles her words she stops and thinks about what she is saying, before starting again.”

Annette has no doubt Health-e-Regions has been a major part of the positive change she’s witnessed. It’s not only helped Kandice with her learning, it’s also given Annette ideas and learning techniques she now uses at home.

“She’s just more confident with everything,” Annette said.

And that confidence is spilling over into all aspects of Kandice’s learning. She loves reading and is really excited by maths.

Principal Mary Porter said Kandice’s was one of many positive stories to come out of the program, with six students currently involved.

“It’s had a major impact on the students involved and that’s great to see.”