Four daughters image

After months of hard work and some sleepless nights, family-owned Four Daughters Premium Black Angus has succeeded in delivering its first export into Wuhan, China which is 8,500 kilometres away.

It’s a milestone for the business and for the Shell’s QGC Emerging Exporters program, which is delivered by TSBE Food Leaders Australia.

Four Daughters is the first program participant to export their product, and Karen says they wouldn’t have been able to do it without the know-how and networks of Shell’s QGC Emerging Exporters.

“It wasn’t without its challenges, exporting to China. Cultural challenges did appear along the way, especially at delivery to port,” Karen said.

“I don’t know if we would have got around those. Through the Emerging Exporters program, we got results, we got answers and we got our beef to Wuhan, which is really exciting.”

It took a sustained effort to get their beef products to their Chinese customers. However, Karen said it was well worth it. The business is named after the Penfolds’ four daughters who all work at their feedlots and opening new markets is driven by the desire to set the business up for a stronger future.

“Seeing images of our beef consumed in China was absolutely amazing,” she said.

“We are Four Daughters. Four girls in Western Queensland who are working every day to feed animals and feed the world and it’s happening. It’s real. It’s amazing.”

The challenge for the business moving forward is to change their offering to meet the needs of the Chinese consumer. This could lead to Four Daughters expanding into the domestic market.

“The Chinese consumer is not a consumer of rump meats. So again, the challenge for us is what are we going to do with this cut,” Karen said.

“So, we’re contemplating developing our own domestic brand… finally Australians might get the experience of eating Four Daughters premium black angus whole rumps. Watch this space.”