There are a number of ways we do this: we create local jobs, we employ local apprentices and trainees, we buy from local businesses, we add to local infrastructure and we support local communities. We call this support ‘Social Investment’, and we do this because we know that what’s good for local communities is good for us too. Strong and diverse local economies benefit everyone. For Shell, they keep supply chains short and create a stronger labour market for local hire. For communities, they create jobs, keep rural towns vibrant and help attract new residents.

What Shell invests in

To identify where we should invest, we ask communities what’s important to them, and then share what’s important to us. We look for areas of common interest, and three come up again and again, right across Australia.

Jobs for the Future

science skills

Jobs for the Future

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Things thought of as science fiction just a couple of decades ago are today’s reality. For Shell and communities to prosper into this changing future, we will need to recruit Australians with a strong grasp of science.

We want the students of today to become tomorrow’s leaders who are confident in finding solutions to global challenges, including developing more and cleaner energy.

We think there are three aspects to building science skills in young people, and our social investment programs are based on these:

  • Inspiring a passion for science - exciting whole families about the possibilities that science and related subjects offer
  • Teaching science well – developing confident and capable teachers 
  • Research – to tell us whether our programs are effective

Stronger Nations

Wirra Schools RSAS 8

Supporting Stronger First Nations

We respect Indigenous people’s deep connection to the land. Australia’s Indigenous people are the custodians of the world’s oldest living culture. First Nations are taking action to build their identity and shape their future. Shell supports this action through providing:

  • Pathways to jobs – providing work readiness, job skills programs and job placement 
  • Strong culture - helping First Nations ensure their culture remains strong through the generations in areas such as history, language, caring for country, connecting young people to country and their elders
  • Good governance - programs that ensure Indigenous groups are well run, stable and effective representatives of Aboriginal Australians

Regional Economic Development

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Regional Economic Development

A diverse local economy benefits everyone and helps communities weather the ups and downs of commodity cycles. As well as offering rewarding jobs, training and contracting opportunities, Shell supports the regional economy by:

  • Growing local businesses  – helping them commercialise new ideas or grow new parts of their business
  • Connecting local businesses to new markets – through tailored programs to help business identify new Australian and export markets for their products
  • Welcoming new families – attracting workers and their families to local communities, and supporting community events to help new families settle

We are proud of our flagship partnerships

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Shell Questacon Science Circus

For over 30 years, we've been delivering science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education to the heart of regional Australia with the Shell Questacon Science Circus.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Shell acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are Australia’s First Peoples and the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we work.