Between 2014-2016, with an investment of more than $12 million, Shell’s social investment program aims to impact over 100,000 young people (aged 10-25), 300 teachers and 700 indigenous people.

Our Goal

Our Goal

Shell Australia’s 2014 - 2016 Social Investment portfolio aims to increase the employability of vulnerable and disadvantaged young Australians. Through education and support, Shell’s Social Investment will help youths aged 10 to 25 years in developing skills including maths and science that will assist them in unlocking their future career potential.

Shell has chosen to partner with both large and small organisations across Australia who share a strong commitment to this same goal through their own diverse projects.

The Strategy

The Strategy

Between 2014-2016, with an investment of more than $12 million, Shell’s social investment program aims to impact over 100,000 young people (aged 10-25), 300 teachers and 700 indigenous people.

Our social investment strategy aims to :

  • Equip young people with new skills that have wide applicability for their future
  • Increase student numbers taking maths and science in senior schooling
  • Provide a supportive environment to help young people leverage their skills
  • Remove barriers to young people’s career aspirations
  • Build teacher capacity to positively impact on young people
  • Increase Year 12 or equivalent completion rates

The Facts

The Facts

With almost 15 per cent of young people out of school and out of work, youth unemployment is a challenge that reaches every part of Australia. The situation is worse in socially disadvantaged communities, with youth unemployment rates as high as 40 per cent in some areas.

Today, many young people are entering the employment market without the right qualifications to match the job marketplace demands. This is partly due to young people turning away from scientific studies at an early age.

Improving employability skills and creating pathways for young people, needs to be approached collaboratively, calling on a broad range of new ideas and applications across industry sectors at all levels.

Our Partners

Our Partners

The Collective Impact of 14 Not-For-Profit Organisations

Shell Australia has chosen to partner with social change organisations who share the same commitment to making a significant impact in helping young Australians unlock their future potential.

The Shell Australia’s 14 Social Investment partners are :

Foundation for Young Australians – Impact Program and Worlds of Work Program

The Impact program – Empowering a community of young Indigenous leaders across the Northern Territory.

The Worlds of Work program – Shaping education and career pathways for young Australians.

Visit Foundation for Young Australians website for more details

Teach for Australia

Ensuring children are given the best chance in life through a quality education, regardless of background.

Visit Teach for Australia website

Indigenous Communities Education and Awareness Foundation (ICEA)

Providing better educational opportunities for Indigenous children living in remote communities.

Visit Indigenous Communities Education and Awareness Foundation (ICEA) website

Wirrpanda Foundation

Creating opportunities for Indigenous youths who are keen to enter the workforce.

Visit Wirrpanda Foundation website

National Centre for Indigenous Excellence

Assisting Indigenous students from across Australia in planning their educational pathways and developing the skills they need to achieve their career goals.

Visit National Centre for Indigenous Excellence website

Ngurrara Rangers – Kimberley Land Council

Realising Indigenous aspirations to look after the country whilst providing real jobs, training and education, as well as improving socio economic standards and community wellbeing.

Find out more about Ngurrara Rangers on Kimberley Land Council website

Bardi Jawi Women Rangers – Kimberley Land Council

Providing opportunities in jobs, training and education, and support the group’s ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of Australia.

Find out more about Bardi Jawi Women Rangers on Kimberley Land Council website

Youth Futures WA

Helping vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in Perth to re-engage with education and identify transitional pathways for their future.

Visit Youth Futures WA website

University of Western Australia – SPICE

Removing the barriers of young people’s career aspirations whilst increasing the uptake of maths and science in senior schooling.

Visit the University of Western Australia website for more information

Australian National University – Questacon Science Circus

Inspiring young people to value and engage in science as it travels to remote and regional communities across Australia.

Visit Shell Questacon Science Circus website

Greening Australia

Making meaningful and valued contributions to local communities through landscape transformation and employee volunteering.

Visit Greening Australia website

Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation

Will lead a strategic partnership of indigenous organisations to deliver trade based training and employment outcomes to young indigenous people from the Dampier Peninsula and communities within Broome.

Visit Nirrumbbuk Aboriginal Corporation website

Kimberley Institute

Will develop a social impact bonds model and framework that can be taken to corporate and philanthropic and government investors as a collaborative proposal to address key issues facing Indigenous people in the Kimberley.

Visit Kimberley Institute website

Prelude to the Future – partnership with GTNT, CDU and NT Dept Business

Generate sustainable employment opportunities for up to twenty vulnerable people who face challenging barriers, whilst simultaneously addressing an identified shortage of skilled workers in Darwin and the surrounding area.

More information on GTNT website

Our Impact

Our Impact

Between 2014-2016, with an investment of more than $12 million, Shell’s social investment program aims to impact over 100,000 young people (aged 10-25), 300 teachers and 700 indigenous people.

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Reconciliation Action Plan

Shell acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are Australia’s First Peoples and the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we work.