Michael Stephen

For over five years, Shell’s QGC business and Score Group have maintained a unique partnership that is committed to helping regional towns retain employment opportunities through a bespoke apprenticeship program. Through this program, Score is focused on hiring as much local personnel as possible, employing over 50 apprentices in the last seven years. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, regional youth unemployment fluctuates greatly each month – resulting in thousands of people unable to secure the long-term stable jobs needed to keep them living in their hometowns. Gladstone is not immune to this challenge, and it’s something that Shell QGC is acutely aware of and is helping combat through business partnerships, like the one with Score.

Michael Stephen, operations manager at the Score office in Gladstone said, “One of the reasons we started this program is to employ as many local personnel as possible. From a local community perspective, it’s definitely giving youth a chance.”

Apprentice Fitter and Turner

On a daily basis, the apprentices receive unique opportunities to work in the communities in which they were raised, to develop experience across different landscapes, and gain meaningful skills to set them up for the future.

A Score second-year apprentice fitter-and-turner who is thrilled to be completing his apprenticeship also wants to take his career at Score much further. “I enjoy helping first year and younger apprentices. I’m capable of showing them the skills I’m confident with. I want to become a good tradesman, but also work towards becoming a good leader.”

It is also through this long-term relationship with Score Group that Shell’s QGC business has been able to flourish as one of Australia’s leading natural gas producers in supplying both domestic and international markets.

Score Group maintain valves, which are an essential part of the LNG transportation, cooling and storage process. They’ve been a significant supplier to Shell’s QGC business for many years through maintaining, repairing and modifying valves used across its operations.

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