This year, the café’s staff were decked out in brand new uniforms. And it’s all thanks to a small catering contract with Shell’s QGC business.

The café recently delivered food to hundreds of workers as they finished shifts during the recent shutdown of the Jordan processing plant.

Owner Karen Brauer said the positive impact of this contract had been felt across many Tara businesses.

“You don’t realise how much of a roll-on effect it has when you support one local business in town, because I was getting my bread from the local bakery and milk from the milkman,” Karen said.

Karen used the extra money coming into the café to purchase new staff uniforms that were “desperately needed” from another local business, The Modern Trend. The uniforms arrived just in time for the festival and allowed Karen to move on her next big project – repainting the shopfront.

“That boost of money coming in for us is just huge,” she said.

“I’ve had all these things I wanted to get done before the camel races. I’ve wanted to get new uniforms and new paintwork done out the front and things like that. It’s just made it possible.”

Karen has been running the Tara Café for 25 years and has always tried to buy local, because she’s seen the impact it can have across many businesses.

That’s why it’s so encouraging for her to see larger companies purchasing services locally.

“We know that we deliver a great service and we were able to share the benefits with other local businesses, which is great for us and great for the town.”


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