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Modern diesel engines are constantly setting new standards. And to set our own, we have tirelessly innovated to create Shell V-Power Diesel with advanced technology to clean and protect your engine*.

Our premium diesel formulation is designed to help improve engine performance by removing dirt deposits that already have formed and restoring your engine’s cleanliness*.

Cleans and protects

Shell V-Power Diesel is formulated with powerful cleaning agents to help prevent the build-up of gunk on key fuel system components, such as fuel injectors and inlet valves*.

The same cleaning agents help to remove gunk that has been left behind by other fuels, so your engine can burn fuel more efficiently and more completely*.

*Designed to help clean and protect key fuel system components such as intake valves and/or fuel injectors from the build-up of performance robbing deposits

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Fuel the feeling with Shell V-Power 98, the premium unleaded fuel designed to clean and protect your engine so it will keep running like new.


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