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Shell Unleaded E10

Contains up to 10% ethanol.

Shell is dedicated to developing a range of fuels that are designed to meet the needs of Australian drivers. That’s why Shell offers Shell Unleaded which contains with up to 10% ethanol, also referred to as Shell Unleaded E10. Made with the exclusive Shell Fuel Economy Formula, it has a minimum 94 octane rating and is designed to make your engine run more efficiently.

Ethanol is a renewable fuel component, made by the fermentation of sugars produced by crops or crop wastes high in sugar or starch, such as sugar cane, wheat, or sorghum. By using Shell Unleaded which contains up to 10% ethanol, you can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

The New South Wales Government is ensuring that ethanol-blended petrol is becoming widely available and has set a mandate requiring that 6% of the total volume of petrol sold in NSW is ethanol.

Shell supports this mandate by offering Shell Unleaded which contains up to 10% ethanol as the maingrade fuel at the majority of sites in NSW. Some sites in regional NSW locations offer a choice between regular Shell Unleaded and Shell Unleaded E10. If you are a Shell Card customer and your card is activated for regular Shell Unleaded, it will automatically be activated for Shell Unleaded E10.

Visit the NSW Office of Biofuels website for more information

Can my vehicle use Shell Unleaded which contains up to 10% ethanol?

The Australian car industry has demonstrated its support for ethanol blended petrol, reassuring drivers that E10 fuels are safe for 10% ethanol blend compatible vehicles and will not affect warranties. Whilst most new and many older vehicles can safely run on Shell Unleaded E10, Shell recommends customers follow their vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations before using ethanol blended fuel.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries website contains a comprehensive list of the different makes and models of cars that can use ethanol blended fuel. 

Download the Shell E10 SDS or TDS

Download Shell Unleaded E10 FAQs