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Shell has always brought to the market a product that is safe and of high quality with exceptional service synonymous with Shell products and has been selling automotive LPG for over 30 years.

Shell AutoGas is the smart alternative. Whether you commute long distances or you’re on the road a lot, Shell AutoGas is an economical way to run your vehicle. Not only can you lower your fuel costs, the cleaner emissions of LPG will also mean you're doing your bit for the environment.

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There are loads of good reasons for running your car on Shell AutoGas. For starters, there are lower running costs, reduced engine wear and it's better for the environment. Do we need to say more! These benefits are only achievable if your equipment is properly installed and maintained.

As for acceleration performance you can hardly tell the difference - so no worries there.

You will not only save on your fuel costs, but you will also be doing the environment a favour.


A car running on Shell AutoGas typically has lower emissions than a car running on a conventional fuel.

It is most important that the vehicles used with autogas are properly optimised for LPG use. This is the case with all vehicles supplied from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) but is not necessarily the case with every conversion. Only use companies that can prove their vehicle emissions to convert your car.

Further information can be obtained from LPG Australia in regard to qualified and experienced LPG converters - visit www.lpgaustralia.com.au

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Safety is of paramount concern to Shell. If you are involved with the handling of auto LPG, then it's worth taking a few minutes to read through the safety tips. This section includes information on what to do in the unlikely circumstance you experience any difficulties with your vehicle fill point and some basic safety tips.


Shell has a policy to ensure that people involved with auto LPG have easy access to occupational health and safety information. What could be easier than the web? We've included Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for propane, butane, LPG and Shell Gas Automotive LPG.

Download the LPG Warning list for your reference

Filling your vehicle with Shell AutoGas is SAFE

Shell installations are designed in accordance with Australian standards and include a number of safety features. For example, all Shell AutoGas dispenser hoses have a breakaway coupling designed to seal auto LPG in the hose in the event of a leak ensuring the auto LPG is fully contained

Filling your vehicle with Shell AutoGas is EASY

The Shell AutoGas nozzle is the unique product of careful engineering design and testing. To make refuelling as quick and easy as possible our nozzle is lighter than any other in the market and requires only a gentle squeeze to operate. Inside the nozzle body there are two seals. Both seals must be firmly in place before the nozzle will dispense auto LPG, so easy operation does not compromise on safety. This innovative internal seal system has been developed exclusively by Shell.

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Properties (SDS)

Shell does its utmost to ensure the highest quality and most reliable autogas for customers. We have rigorous product specifications and testing procedures for our product and back the quality of our autogas.

Automotive LPG, automix or autogas refers to the LPG used for automotive applications. Automotive LPG consists of a mix of propane and butane, whereas domestic, industrial and commercial LPG is predominantly propane.

Generally, the autogas sold by Shell is a mixture of propane (C3 or 3 carbon atoms) and butane (C4 or 4 carbon atoms).

Depending on the source of the auto LPG and how it has been produced, other components may also be present. To ensure that the auto LPG you receive is of a consistent high quality, detailed specifications are laid down. Every batch of auto LPG is rigorously tested to ensure that it always meets the appropriate specification.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

People who frequently work with, or around, auto LPG need to be aware of basic occupational health and safety information. Shell makes sure that appropriate detail is available for all customers.

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is the standard format for provision of this information. The SDS identifies the chemical, lists physical data and other properties, nominates the effects it can have on your health and describes how to safely handle the product.

Under Dangerous Goods Regulations (2000) and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (1985), Safety Data Sheets (SDS) must be reviewed and reissued every five years.

AutoGas Lessons & Conversions

Very simply, autogas or auto LPG is Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) used for automotive purposes. LPG is an energy that has many applications such as domestic water and space heating, cooking and industrial heating.

Lessons in AutoGas

LPG is a gaseous hydrocarbon that is stored under pressure in liquid form. We are talking convenience and portability here. The gas is liquified under moderate pressure and expands to approximately 270 times its liquid volume when it is allowed to revert to vapour. This characteristic enables LPG to be stored as a compact liquid but burnt as a dry, gaseous vapour.

LPG is transported and stored in liquid form. When an auto LPG car is refuelled with LPG, it retains its liquid form until the fuel is actually needed by the engine.

Most auto LPG cars in Australia run on a vaporised gas carburettor system. Electronically controlled pressure regulator and mixing units, combine the LPG with air prior to its injection into the engine. This current technology is known as second generation.

Existing petrol vehicles can be converted to LPG through the installation of a specially designed autogas kit, which includes fill valves, tanks, fuel lines, pressure regulator, mixing unit, actuator and an electronic unit. This enables you to use either petrol or LPG to run your vehicle at any time. We call this a dual fuel system.

Running a vehicle on LPG couldn't be easier - simply press a button on the dashboard. A quality conversion will ensure that you feel virtually no difference in performance. Apart from saving money, the added bonus is that with dual fuel, you’ll be able to run your car for up to 1000 km without the need to stop to refuel.


It's pretty simple to convert a car to run on autogas and compared to the fuel cost savings not that expensive to install. Compared to the whole of life cost savings, the conversion cost is surprisingly low.

If you’re interested in running a vehicle on autogas, you have 4 options:

  • Convert an existing petrol vehicle to autogas by installing an LP Gas conversion kit (called a retrospective or after-sale conversion)
  • Purchase a second hand car run on dual fuel
  • Purchase a new car with a dual fuel system (the factory-fitted kit option)
  • Purchase an LPG dedicated vehicle – (car designed and optimised to run only on autogas)

Both dedicated LPG vehicles and LPG conversions are now available in the Australian market. Conversion costs will depend upon the make of car.

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