Identifying Features

The Gunk Monster is hard to miss. It’s a beast that is extremely agile and fast. Many people report being unaware of its presence until it was too late.

It is a shape shifter, meaning it can transform its appearance at will. Most commonly it will appear as a black, greasy mass.

Secondary Danger

The Gunk Monster has also been seen with another creature that looks like a shambolic collection of rusted metal parts and debris. This corrosion creature is more elusive but can be equally as damaging to engines.

Damage Caused

The Gunk Monster feasts on engines. 

Details on the effects of gunk and corrosion

The Solution

Shell V-Power has been designed to defend engines against attacks from gunk and corrosion. It helps remove deposits and prevent new gunk from forming. It also reduces friction – resulting in improved performance!*

More About Shell V-Power

Rare Footage

This film shows how determined the Gunk Monster is in its pursuit of engines. The driver in this situation was extremely fortunate to find a Shell Coles Express Service Station when he did…

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