Winners of the ‘New Customer $100 Coles Express Gift Card’ Promotion

February Draw Prize Winners
Date First Name  Last Name  State
10/03/20 Manish Sareen VIC
10/03/20 Emin  Dislioglu VIC
12/02/20  Srinath Mukkamula VIC

January Draw Prize Winners
Date First Name  Last Name  State
12/02/20  Peiwen  Huang VIC
12/02/20  Randhir Bhinder VIC
12/02/20  Frazer  Stewart VIC


December Draw Prize Winners
Date First Name
Last Name
7/01/20 Chris Norman NSW
7/01/20 Chiunhsiang Lin QLD
7/01/20 Rahul Kalra  VIC


Winners of the Shell Win Free Fuel For A Year competition 2019

Major Prize Winners
Date First Name Last Name State
7/11/19 Benedict Or NSW
7/11/19 Enoch Chan VIC
7/11/19 Damien Pitcher VIC
Loretta Bolton NSW


Daily Prize Winners
Date First Name
Last Name
6/11/19 Darren Fong QLD
5/11/19 Tamika Crosswell TAS
4/11/19 Ellie Broadhurst VIC
3/11/19 Adrian Hughes QLD
2/11/19 Roger Vass VIC
1/11/19 Lee Williams WA
31/10/19 Richard Landon NSW
30/10/19 Paul McDaniel WA
29/10/19 Jessica Fontanini VIC
28/10/19 Bernadette Purdon QLD
27/10/19 Eva de San Miguel QLD
26/10/19 David Compton NSW
25/10/19 Jason Chatwin TAS
24/10/19 Erwin Junior Wifanie NSW
23/10/19 Gurpreet Singh VIC
22/10/19 Pam McAlpin NSW
21/10/19 Ted James QLD
20/10/19 Gina Cameron VIC
19/10/19 Lyall Zeeb NSW
18/10/19 Elaine Bendzulla TAS
17/10/19 Daniel Elliott VIC
16/10/19 Joy Batson VIC
15/10/19 Craig Hewitson VIC
14/10/19 Jennie Vallance WA
13/10/19 Robert McDonald WA
12/10/19 Amanda Huynh VIC
11/10/19 Deborah Marchant QLD
10/10/19 Piyadigamage Lashen De Silva NT
9/10/19 Thomas Arnold VIC
8/10/19 Jonathan Holdsworth VIC
7/10/19 Brad Turner VIC
6/10/19 Kathryn Bibby SA
5/10/19 Rob McKenna VIC
4/10/19 Maria Lay VIC
3/10/19 Ian Quigg NSW
2/10/19 Levi Kurinsky VIC
1/10/19 Xulin Geng VIC
30/9/19 Michael Batge TAS
29/9/19 Erana Sciascia SA
28/9/19 Sharon Beccarelli WA
27/9/19 Ronaldo Tijamo WA
26/9/19 Daniel Brigo VIC
25/9/19 Sandra Maloney NSW


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