Shell Helix 5 Litre Bottle with Label


Fully synthetic motor oil - The next oil generation for oil cleanliness

Shell Helix Ultra SP 0W-20's fully synthetic formulation offers Shell's maximum protection in very hot and extremely cold climates, and severe driving conditions. It uses Shell's most advanced emissions-compatible technology to help petrol engine exhaust catalysts and keep diesel particulate filters clean and protects it from ash build-up that can block the exhaust system and lead to reduced engine performance.

Shell Helix Ultra SP 0W-20 can be used for modern petrol engines, diesel engines with particulate filters and gas engines.

Shell Helix Ultra SP 0W-20 is suitable for use in vehicles currently using SAE 5W-20, providing enhanced engine protection and fuel economy.

Shell Helix Ultra SP 0W-20 provides: 

  • Uses unique active cleansing technology to help high-performance engines operate at maximum efficiency
  • Protects against power-robbing deposits and wear
  • Reduced engine friction to provide enhance fuel economy

Specifications: API SP; ACEA C5

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