Shell Helix Top Up Oil 0W-30

Fully Synthetic Motor Oil – Designed for Ultimate Engine Performance

Many motorists drive with too little motor oil or do not know which oil is suitable for their car.

The solution: Shell Helix Top Up Oil*

Developed at Shell in Hamburg, Germany, Shell Helix Top Up Oil is suitable as a top-up oil for modern gasoline engines and diesel engines with particulate filters.

Shell Technology Manager Dr. Jens Sommer explains why this new oil is so special:

  • It is an innovative Top Up oil based on synthesis technology.
  • Designed for modern gasoline engines and diesel engines with or without particulate filters.
  • It is extremely pure and high quality, and miscible with other engine oils.

Specifications: API SN; ACEA C2/C3.

*Shell recommend the use of no more than one bottle of Shell Helix Top Up between consecutive oil change intervals. Customers should consult Shell Lubematch for the specific engine oil to be used for your car. For larger quantities, a regular oil change should be made with a Shell Helix product as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Use our free online oil recommendation tool, Shell LubeMatch, or call us on 1300 134 205 to receive a specific product recommendation for your vehicle.

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