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Service Station Safety Essentials For Winter Months

When the longer nights and darker days are upon us, it’s particularly important to take care when driving on the forecourt of a Shell service station.

By Shell on Jun. 22, 2021

No matter how frequently you visit them, service stations can be tricky to navigate in winter, particularly when the weather is unpleasant. That’s why we’ve compiled this seven-point winter safety checklist. Read on to refresh your memory and to make sure your visit is incident free.

1. Slow down.

It’s always important to drive slowly on service station forecourts, but you should take extra care in winter, when wet weather can make surfaces slippery and customers are more likely to be rushing to and from their cars to keep warm.

2. Adjust to low visibility.

While the forecourts of all Shell service stations are brightly lit, the surrounding areas may not be. That means vehicles and pedestrians might emerge from the darkness quite suddenly. Make sure you are vigilant and use your headlights when appropriate.

3. Obey the signs.

Signage is in place for everyone’s protection and is one of the key ways Shell communicates changed conditions and safety information during the winter months. If in doubt, stop and take the time to figure out our signage.

4. Take extra care when moving off.

Whether you’re moving off forwards or in reverse, take an extra moment to fully scan your surroundings. It’s also a good time to make sure your windows aren’t fogged, dirty or wet. If they are, park your vehicle and clean them.

5. Respect the cones.

If there are cones or barriers in your way, it means our team members are performing essential works to make your service station experience as safe and smooth as possible. Please respect these temporary barriers and take extra care around them.

6. Help us refuel safely.

During tanker deliveries, parts of the forecourt may be blocked off. This is to protect you from the refuelling activities and to protect our drivers. Refuelling is a complex task that requires the driver’s undivided attention, so please help us carry it out safely.

7. Above all, stay focused.

There are lots of distractions on our forecourts, and the various factors outlined above can make your experience in winter particularly unpredictable. Please ensure you are focused on the task at hand, so you and others can stay safe.


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