Three kids playing games in the car on a road trip
Road trip

Six games to keep kids entertained on a road trip

Pack away the devices and embrace the nostalgia of playing old-fashioned car games with the kids on your next road trip.

By Shell on Dec. 14, 2021

The summer school holidays are nearly here, and while we might be a bit out of practice travelling long distances, rest assured there are alternatives to screen time. Here are six games (that aren’t ‘I spy’!) to keep everyone entertained on the journey.

1. Sing-off

Turn the radio down for this fun “next line” singing game.

How to play: Someone starts off by singing the first line of a song, and the next player completes the lyrics. It then moves onto the next player. The first player who makes a lyrical mistake is out of the game.

For younger children, try nursery rhymes or Wiggles hits.

2. Storytelling game

A collaborative storytelling game that can take some serious twists and turns.
How to play: The first player starts by saying, “Once upon a time…” and then finishes the sentence. The next person must continue the story with their own sentence, and so on.
This game can often produce hilarious stories, and if you want to remember them you can always record it on your phone to listen back for a laugh.

3. Categories

Think Scattegories without the board.
How to play: All participants agree on a broad category, such as exercise activities, actors, or breakfast foods. The first player has 30 seconds to list 10 items within that category otherwise they are out of the game. For younger children, give them 5 items and a longer time frame.

4. The question game

A modern take on the classic 20 questions game.
How to play: The first player thinks of a person, place or object. The other players take turns asking a total of 20 yes or no questions, such as “Is it edible?” or “Is it alive?” or “Can it walk?”. Once all questions have been answered, the players take turns to guess what it is to win the game.
For younger children, allow them to ask additional questions or give them a few hints along the way.

5. First and last letter

This game is mainly for older children who have a good grasp of spelling.
How to play: The first player says a word, the next player thinks of another word that begins with the last letter of that word. For example, moth, horse, elephant, tiger, and so on.
To make the game more difficult, you can choose categories for the words such as the animal theme above, or movies, band names, countries, or household items.

6. How well do I know you?

See how well you really know your family with this entertaining game.
How to play: Ask a player a question such as “What’s your favourite movie?” or “What’s your favourite food?” The player must write their answer down on a piece of paper and then everyone takes it in turn to guess the answer. Keep a tally to see who knows who best.

If you want to avoid screen time and keep the kids entertained during a long car journey these holidays, why not try these games? They might even evoke fond memories from your own road trips as a child!


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