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Four Reasons To Consider Premium Unleaded Petrol

More Australians are travelling on the road– visiting friends and family or going on road trips. So, what’s the best petrol option available?

By Shell on Mar. 29, 2021

Although most petrol engines will run on standard unleaded fuels, premium unleaded offers higher performance gains while protecting engines from the build-up of harmful deposits.

How do I know if my car requires premium unleaded?

That’s easy – just look at your owner’s handbook or inside the fuel-filler flap. This will tell you what fuel is the best choice for your vehicle.

If you own a petrol car, you’re likely to see one of three options – 91, 95 and 98. These numbers refer to a petrol’s research octane number (RON), which is essentially a measure of the fuels ability to be squeezed without igniting. Fuels with a RON of 95 and above are defined by the industry as “premium”.

Manufacturers usually optimise their engine tuning for a specific RON. Higher-octane fuels can allow for more powerful and fuel-efficient designed engines.

These days, manufacturers of many high-performance vehicles – especially those fitted with turbocharged engines – recommend owners use 95 RON or above. But premium unleaded isn’t just the recommended fuel for sports and top-end luxury cars. Premium fuels are also suitable for most every day cars, so they can keep up with the travel demands of the family.

Why should I choose premium unleaded?

Even if your vehicle doesn’t require fuel with a RON above 91, there may be compelling reasons to choose a premium option, if it is suitable for your car. These fuels are more refined, better quality products that allow your engine to run cleaner and more efficiently. This is especially important for anyone who relies on a vehicle for their livelihood.

Shell V-Power 98, for example, is designed to clean and protect your engine, by delivering four layers of protection:

  • It helps clean gunk: Shell V-Power 98 is formulated to remove performance-robbing carbon deposits. It contains cleaning molecules that target dirt and help restore engine cleanliness.
  • It helps reduce friction: Shell V-Power 98 contains a friction-reducing ingredient that targets hard-to-lubricate parts of the engine, helping the piston assembly to slide more freely.
  • It helps protect against wear: Shell V-Power 98 protects against wear and tear on your fuel pump and fuel injectors, which can result in greater oil consumption and higher emissions.
  • It minimises corrosion: Shell V-Power 98 is formulated to protect against corrosion, which can block fuel filters and impact performance.

Even if your budget is tight, it’s worth filling your tank with premium unleaded occasionally – perhaps every third or fourth time you drive up to the petrol pump. This will help flush out the gunk and keep your engine healthy.

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