Woman selects a podcast on a car’s infotainment system.

Five new podcasts for your next car trip

Looking for something new to listen to on the road? From an investigation into the bizarre world of Siegfried and Roy to fascinating profiles of household items, here are five new podcasts that will keep you entertained on any long drive.

By Shell on Feb. 15, 2022

It’s official: there’s never been a better time to fire up a podcast. In recent months, both Spotify and Apple Music have added podcast functionality to their music-streaming platforms, making access much simpler.

Since then, there’s been a deluge of new shows, from big budget mini-series by media titans such as The New York Times and The Guardian to hidden gems recorded in the garages of podcast enthusiasts.

The only challenge is deciding what to listen to. To help, we’ve rounded up five new podcasts across a range of topics, all making a buzz in 2022.


Apple Podcasts

The magician duo Siegfried and Roy are considered US entertainment royalty, but even if you’ve never seen one of their televised Las Vegas specials, this flagship podcast from Apple will grip you. From its starting point – the disastrous 2003 live-to-air program in which Roy Horn was mauled by a tiger – Wild Things quickly becomes a captivating exposé of magicians, the Las Vegas entertainment scene and America’s fascination with big cats.

2. CELEBRITY Pieces of Britney

BBC Radio Four | Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & more

If you stream just one Britney Spears podcast, make it this one. Unlike the better-known Toxic: The Britney Spears Story, this UK production only began broadcasting in July 2021, meaning it’s shorter and punchier. As well as recapping the singer’s conservatorship woes, Pieces of Britney examines modern-day celebrity culture and puts her story in context.

3. POPULAR SCIENCE Nice Try! Interior

Vox Media | Listen on Apple Podcasts & Spotify

The first season of this award-winner focused on urban planning, but season two goes in an entirely different direction: profiling household items that have blockbuster back-stories. Whether she’s investigating vacuum cleaners, free weights or mattresses, New York-based journalist Avery Trufelman proves that seemingly ordinary objects can have extraordinary origins.

4. MUSIC The 33 1/3 Podcast

Spotify Studios

This podcast is an adaption of the hugely successful 33 1/3 book series, which dives deep into seminal albums by musicians all over the world. Hosted by producer Prince Paul, the podcast combines stories and insights from the books with guest interviews and, thanks to its alignment with Spotify, plenty of music from the featured albums, too. If you’re looking for an enthralling place to start, listen to Riot Grrrl rocker Patty Schemel from Hole talking about Metallica’s self-titled album.


Mamamia Podcasts

You may be familiar with Australian actor Madeleine West from her roles in Neighbours, Underbelly or Playing for Keeps. Well, in January she launched a podcast in conjuction with Mamamia, exploring how and why women ‘restart’ their lives. Covering topics such as divorce, health and career, West interviews a range of experts as well as sharing personal details around her high-profile separation from celebrity chef Shannon Bennett. Guests range from TV personality Narelda Jacobs to politician Julie Bishop, each reflecting on their own restarts.


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