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Everyday Hacks To Keep Your Car Clean And Organised

It's hard keeping on top of in-car clutter. Bits, bobs and all kinds of items accumulate and then, all of a sudden, your cabin has all the ambience of a garbage dump.

By Shell on May 10, 2021

But it is possible to keep in-car clutter organised. As these popular hacks show, you can even do it with stuff you've already got lying around or products that are inexpensive to buy. Here are some ideas to try.

Muffin cups in cup holders

Cup holders pick up all kinds of muck, usually sticky, and can be tricky to clean. Save yourself the hassle by lining them with muffin/cupcake cups, which can simply be removed and replaced – or rewashed if they're silicone.

Keep a hook handy

Hang shopping bags, umbrellas or anything with a hook/string against the back of the front seat simply by hooking a carabineer link (found in most hardware and department stores) to the head-restraint strut and clipping your chosen item into it. Your car will need adjustable rather than integrated headrests to do this.

Keep ‘boot items’ in a plastic container

Tissue box, spare pair of shoes, bike pump, umbrella… organise all those loose items in your car boot into containers and not only will you be able to find things more easily, stacking items in your boot will be a breeze. Plus, you can use the containers as wet storage after a day at the beach or pool.

Cereal container as a rubbish bin

Don't toss rubbish into the console bin, door pocket or onto the floor. Get a reusable cereal container, line it with a plastic or paper bag and keep it handy for such occasions.

Shoe organiser or remote-control holder over the seat

Sling one of these over the back of the front seat and the multitude of items needed to keep a young back-seat rider entertained can be neatly stored and easily accessed on the go (and put away again!).

Kick mats on the back of the front seats

We all know how little ones – and some not so little ones – like to put their grubby feet up on the back of the front seats. A set of kick mats, available from most department or automotive stores, is a cheap, easy way to keep your car's upholstery in tip-top condition.

Use a bulldog clip to store your sunglasses

Many modern cars have a push-release glasses storage compartment. If your car missed out on one of these, or you have multiple pairs of glasses to accommodate, try clipping them to the passenger seat visor using a bulldog clip. Genius.


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