“Shell understands that if it wants Australians to support a gas export industry we need to make sure Australians can purchase gas for domestic and industrial use,” Zoe said.

“This is why Shell has sought to sell gas to local customers, recently signing contracts with electricity generators, manufacturers and gas retailers - in fact the company’s QCLNG venture now supplies 11% of east coast demand.

“Shell has and will continue to be a net contributor into the domestic market.”

Shell has also continued to invest in upstream development of its coal seam gas business in Queensland, over and above what was agreed in the initial development, so it could maintain supply for both domestic and export markets.

The company urged regulators to help increase the supply of gas into the east coast market, so local demand could continue to be met without impacting job creating export projects.

“Access to onshore gas reserves in Victoria and NSW is vital to easing tension among gas customers, because ultimately gas produced in Victoria will be cheaper for Victorian business than gas transported from Queensland,” Zoe said.

“The onshore gas industry in Queensland has shown there are significant benefits to farmers and communities from a well-regulated, co-existing gas industry but the industry has to be better at selling these benefits.”

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