Shell in Australia Country Chair, Ann Pickard, said “It is important that governments around the world implement policies that balance the need for more energy and the need to reduce CO2 emissions. By putting a price on carbon emissions, which will encourage innovative companies to invest in lower carbon energy solutions for the future, we believe that the Clean Energy Futures package will help Australia play its part in meeting this energy challenge.

As a member of the Business Roundtable on Climate Change, Shell was pleased to provide advice to the Government in relation to its carbon pricing policy. We encourage the Government to continue to take a rigorous and holistic approach to implementation and further policy development in this area, and particularly welcome the role of the independent Productivity Commission in reviewing the efficacy of the policy. To allow the national carbon pricing scheme to deliver the desired environmental outcome at the lowest cost to the community, unnecessary state legislation should now be removed as soon as possible.

Shell looks forward to playing its part in helping Australia meet its climate change goals.

Globally, Shell’s focus is on four concrete areas of activity where it can make a difference today:

  • producing more cleaner burning natural gas;
  • low CO2 biofuels for road transport;
  • progressing carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology; and
  • implementing energy efficiency measures in our own operations.

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