Filmed over five short episodes, The Great Travel Hack sees the teams get into a variety of unexpected scrapes and overcome a series of challenges with the aim of keeping their emissions low. From Electric-powered London black cabs and hydrogen-fueled cars to electric hydrofoils and ride-on suitcases, the intrepid teams used over 30 different cleaner energy vehicles, travelling from the heart of the Capital to the Turkish coast as they tackled Europe’s mountains, lakes and cities.

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Greg James, British Radio DJ & TV Presenter

“The idea of The Great Travel Hack is to show that we don’t have to stop travelling and exploring the world. But that it’s important we think carefully about alternative forms of transport. It also informs people of the developments and innovations that are being made.”

About The Great Travel Hack

Background & Research

Currently, nearly 30% of the world’s total energy use comes from transport – at a time when the global population is rising and demand for energy is going up.

As part of The Great Travel Hack campaign, Shell conducted research with more than 2000 UK adults to get their views on balancing their love of travel with the need to reduce their own carbon footprint.

The findings revealed that 31% list travelling to new and exciting locations as one of their top priorities for the next five years. Although a reassuring 71% of people in the UK would like to reduce their carbon footprint when travelling, nearly 50% are not sure how they can do so .

However, 52% of those aged 18-24 say they would like to learn more about how to reduce their CO2 impact when travelling – well ahead of any other age group surveyed.

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Sinead Lynch, UK Country Chair Shell

“By giving people a glimpse into the future of transport, we hope The Great Travel Hack will spark their imaginations about what they can do to reduce their own carbon footprint – starting right now.”


Watch the episodes

2 teams compete in an epic lower CO2 emissions road trip from London to Istanbul.

Meet the Teams, Hosts and Mission Control

Get to know the key players, whether they're behind the wheel or behind the scenes, setting the challenges or awarding the scores. 

Lower Carbon Fuels

The Great Travel Hack isn't about going faster, it's about going cleaner. Watch our experts explore a range of lower carbon fuels used to power the teams on their journey.

Tips and Tricks for Lower CO₂ Emission Driving

Find out how changing your driving style, avoiding unnecessary emissions and keeping your vehicle at peak efficiency can help reduce your CO2 emissions.

Featured Content

Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen could play a significant role in the transition to a cleaner, low-carbon energy system, and Shell is part of several initiatives to encourage the adoption of hydrogen in transport.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles are expected to play an increasingly important role in transport, and Shell is working to meet the charging needs of electric vehicle drivers.

Nature-Based Solutions

The world needs a range of measures to limit carbon dioxide emissions while meeting rising energy demand. Find out about nature-based solutions and what Shell is doing to support them.