Kaley Cuoco - Our task master


Kaley might be best known for her dealings with a group of eccentric scientists, but as task master of The Great Travel Hack, she’s taking on a whole new challenge and working with a real life set of technical experts in the team at Mission Control.

She sets the challenges, monitors the teams’ routes and will be the one to crown the winner of The Great Travel Hack USA.

Norman Koch


A graduate of the University of Technology Dresden in Germany, Norman is the General Manager of the energy efficiency challenge, Shell Eco-marathon.

With a passion for engineering and an in-depth knowledge of the future of mobility, he’s the ideal oracle to head up the Mission Control team.


The Mission Control Team


Engineering students of all stripes provide the brains behind the scenes, figuring out routes and hunting down travel tech to get the teams from Los Angeles to New York City with the lowest CO2 emissions possible.

They all come with some serious lower-CO2-emissions credentials. All the students have taken part in Shell Eco-marathon, where they were tasked with designing, building and driving ultra-energy-efficient cars. The competition takes place around the world, challenging teams to develop innovative ideas to make their vehicles last the longest using the least amount of energy – the perfect training ground for Mission Control.

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