Shell's sponsorship of F1 In Schools team Car

There’s no competition more heart-racing than Formula One. Even in the classroom.

In a competition that is truly global in scale, more than 17,000 schools in 44 nations are vying for the F1 in Schools championship crown, to design and build their own Formula One model car. The idea is to see whose F1 model goes the furthest in a battle of aerodynamics, rolling resistance, weight and friction.

And Shell Australia is flying the flag for a local team on their F1 in Schools quest.

At Albert Park College, just a few blocks away from the famous Albert Park Formula One circuit in Melbourne, resides the headquarters of Troop Athena.

Named after the Greek Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, mathematics and strategy, Troop Athena consists of four Year-8 female Albert Park College students who are determined to give the competition a red-hot go.

In Australia alone, Troop Athena is up against 22,000 fellow secondary school students.

Shell’s sponsorship of Troop Athena will go towards the construction of the miniature F1 car, development of uniforms and the livery on their booth at the competition – all in which contributes to the development of the teams’ learning and development of science, technology, engineering and mathematics fundamentals.

The F1 in Schools competition is the world’s largest ‘STEM’ competition, as these subjects are called.

Shell's sponsorship of F1 In Schools team Project

When asked, “why does STEM education matter to you?”, team manager, Ella said. “We want to inspire other young girls to reach their full potential in STEM fields.”

To get the car competition ready, the team have come together during out-of-school hours, demonstrating the sheer dedication and passion of these inspiring young women. The team expressed that there were challenges along the journey but overcoming these road-bumps led to development of their knowledge. “The most challenging part of the competition is how self-led your learning is. We need to be the ones driving our own learning,” Johanna, the team’s Design Engineer explained.

As importantly, their soft-skills have also flourished. “We also have to look at marketing and the trade booth. It becomes not just about the car, but how you can work together as a team to achieve overall success in the competition.” explained Johanna.

Shell invests in STEM education because we need to start skilling up a strong local workforce for the years to come. To access jobs with Shell and many other employers in the future, young people will need strong science skills.

Our research has shown us that three things are needed to build science skills: young people need to have a passion for science from an early age, their teachers need to be good at teaching science subjects, and rigorous research must be done to tell us which methods work, and which don’t.

The F1 In Schools method is working to grow students’ affinity with these subjects through an interesting, complex and fulfilling project.

Troop Athena competed at the Victorian state finals from 13 to 15 November 2018. Congratulations to the team on the following results:

  • Best graphic design
  • Outstanding industry collaboration (thanks to Shell’s effort in supporting them)
  • Best marketing

Learn more about our investment in STEM here.

Discover more about Troop Athena here.

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