What is the Gangarri Solar Project?

Shell Australia’s solar energy project is located in Wandoan, Queensland and bears the name “Gangarri Solar Project”. The solar project has been named “Gangarri” by local traditional owner group, the Iman people and means sunlight in the Iman language. Using a name given by the local traditional owners is a great way to build on this sense of pride and local connection. Gangarri is how the Iman people see this project; being purely energised by the gangarri (sunlight). 

What is the New Energies Community Fund?

The New Energies Community Fund provided financial grants to incorporated, not for profit organisations and traditional owner groups between $5000 - $20000 to deliver local renewable energy project/s in the Wandoan area. This fund initiative was available for 2020 only.

Meet the recipients

Congratulations to Wandoan Community Commerce & Industry Association and Wandoan Show Society, the recipients of the New Energies Community Fund.

Shell’s QGC Community Contributions

Shell’s QGC Community Contributions

Information on how to apply for the Shell’s QGC Communities Fund and Community Events Program.

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Shell in the Community

Shell aspires to be welcomed in the communities where we operate. We believe that local communities and Shell benefit from being part of one another’s work and life. This attitude permeates everything we do. We work to share benefits by offering rewarding jobs and training opportunities, building local capability and supporting local community groups.

Social Investment at Shell Australia

Shell is committed to ensuring the communities where we operate benefit from our presence

Nature-based solutions

The world needs a range of measures to limit carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while meeting rising energy demand. They include the protection and restoration of natural ecosystems such as forests, grasslands and wetlands. But what are nature-based solutions and what is Shell doing to support them?