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Why solar?

The solar farm supports Shell's integrated energy solutions for industrial and business customers, and demonstrates Shell's commitment to reduce energy emissions. Globally, Shell expects to invest $US1-2 billion on average a year to 2020 on New Energies projects that are a strategic fit, commercially viable and competitive with other opportunities.

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Scale and energy production:

Gangarri is a 120 megawatt solar energy project, located in inland Queensland. It will generate solar power from about 400,000 photovoltaic panels that turn sunlight into electricity – enough to run 50,000 homes. And it will reduce emissions by around 300,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum.

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Significance of the name:

The solar project has been named “Gangarri” by local traditional owner group, the Iman people, in recognition of the original people who lived there. 

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