Kenny Wang

How did your 12 week assessed internship with Shell give you an insight into Shell as an organisation, the culture, projects and type of work ?

Spending three month undertaking a Shell internship provides you with time to immerse within the Shell community. By delivering a tangible project, it creates the opportunity for you to explore the networks of Shell, to learn about the various functions of Shell’s business and understand the broader organisation

What type of work did you do during your internship; did you have a specific project?

I completed my internship within Shell’s downstream business, within the Supply & Distribution area and specifically worked in Logistics in the Newport Terminal, Melbourne.

My task was firstly to design and implement a national courier feedback loop system between Shell and our various carriers across Australia; and secondly, to design a number of toolkits in order to onboard new carriers as well as helping to change the system from Shell to Viva Energy. It’s exciting to know, that the outcome from my work is still being used today.

How would you describe your experience of the Shell internship? What would you say to students thinking about an internship with Shell?

My internship experience was a great platform to develop the ability to deliver a project, on time and on budget. Overall it was challenging, but incredibly rewarding if you put in the effort; and an eye-opening experience in learning about the oil and gas industry, both within Australia and internationally.

How did your assessed internship prepare you for your career and how did it feel knowing you had secured a graduate position well before your graduation date?

My situation is rather unique in that I interned in Downstream Logistics, but my graduate role is Upstream Technical. Therefore, my experience in the Newport Terminal is very different to my current role in Perth. However, the skills I developed in my internship are directly used in my role as a graduate, such as a focus on delivering on tasks and seeking feedback from my network for both personal and professional development.

It’s a great relief as a student to know that a graduate position is waiting for you in a year’s time, allowing me to focus on my studies and the time to travel overseas.

Having had the opportunity to experience Shell through an internship, do you think this provided you with an advantage when starting the graduate programme?

By spending an extra three months in Shell as compared to others, you naturally have a better sense initially of how the company operates and the culture it possesses.

Describe what makes Shell’s Assessed Internship programme unique?

Shell’s three month assessed internship results in a tangible deliverable that has a commercial impact upon the business. Interns are not all lumped into one function but can be based across the business with unique projects depending on the requirements of the company at the time.

Shell’s internships not only focus on the technical deliverables, but also just as important, the people skills demonstrated and the networks built along the way.

Why should today’s students apply for an internship with Shell?

The experience is unparalleled

What can students expect in the various stages of the assessed internship?

Students can expect a couple of formal reviews on your progress from your mentor and line manager, at least one presentation of your final project as well as a final interview.

What is some of your advice to students applying to internships, and how would you encourage them to put their best foot forward?

Do your best in the online tests, but don’t stress over them. Also, be honest in your phone interview, select real stories to tell and be genuine in your questions and reflections.

Any final words of advice for students considering an internship?

Be true to yourself, reflect on what you’re passionate about and stand for what you believe in.

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