Jacqui Walsh - Graduate Development Geoscientist

Why did you join Shell Australia’s Graduate Programme?

I was working for an up and coming oil and gas company in Sydney that valued me as an employee and was extremely encouraging of my development. Once I completed my Masters with them, a colleague and friend relocated to Shell in Perth as a Geologist. She very quickly called me; boasting about the positive environment, its strong reputation, the open sharing of knowledge and the projects on Shell’s portfolio.

After some research into Shell’s Graduate Programme, it was clear Shell could offer me unique training and development opportunities that would allow me to grow as an employee, a leader and as a Geoscientist.

Tell us about your career path at Shell?

I have just entered my third and final year as a Graduate Development Geoscientist working within the Technical Development team. Already, in my first two years on the Programme, I have been an integral part of two subsurface projects, exposed to international training and gained offshore rig experience. I am encouraged by my line managers to be actively involved as a committee member on the Shell Perth Women’s Network and the Shell Australia Toastmasters charter.

How is the Graduate Programme preparing you for the next phase in your career?

The Graduate Programme is exposing me to various aspects of the business, whilst also allowing me to develop specific skills within my discipline. Through engagements with Shell senior leaders, I am building a network that supports and encourages me. The next phase of my career as a technical graduate is the Shell Advanced Technical Programme which facilitates further technical development and growth, and aims to fast track my early career as a Geoscientist.

Describe what makes Shell’s Graduate Programme unique?

As a Geoscientist, Shell’s Graduate Programme is unique in that our discipline-specific training is international. This enables me to not only travel, but also interact and learn from other Graduate Geoscientists working on different projects from around the world. The friendships and relationships we develop through these courses will no doubt enhance our future international career.

Why should today’s graduates join the programme?

There is no doubt that Shell’s reputation will place all of its graduates ahead of the class. It offers a structured programme but still with enough flexibility to develop at your own pace. The business provides a safe place to grow and you are encouraged to pursue your own aspirations and dreams from a work-life balance. The other graduates are ambitious and diverse, only further contributing to your own personal and professional development.

What can graduates expect from the recruitment process?

The graduate recruitment process was a little daunting however the recruitment team provided assistance and clarity when required. What I found particularly beneficial for my nerves was that there were never large gaps of time between interviews. I was always kept in the light about my current standing and the next step in the process. The written and telephone interviews were the most difficult for me as I prefer face-to-face interactions, thus by the time I reached the Shell Recruitment Day in Perth, I knew I was on the right track.

Final words of advice for applicants?

I know this sounds terribly cliché but just be yourself. Show humility, maturity and drive. Be assertive without demanding, but most of all, let Shell know that they want to hire you because you will make the business proud.

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