Shahbaz is of the Yamatji people, from the Murchison and Gascoyne regions of Western Australia, through his mother. He is also Baloch, the people of Balochistan, through his father. Shahbaz himself mainly grew up in Perth.

This is Shahbaz Rind.

When Shahbaz finished high school, he and his parents hoped he would enroll in science and math at university- however, his grades weren’t high enough. Not deterred, Shahbaz applied for and was successful in gaining a place in a bridging course at the School of Indigenous Studies at the University of Western Australia. This course was instrumental in Shahbaz developing the skills required to enter university and upon completion he gained a university placement for a Bachelor of Science degree. Despite his interest in the degree, it was not the right time and Shahbaz dropped out to follow his other passion music.

From 1995-2017, Shahbaz was a part of the hip hop group – Downsyde. In this time, Downsyde released several successful albums, won numerous Australian music awards and played at music festivals alongside international music groups such as the Black-Eyed Peas, Cypress Hill, Public Enemy and Grandmaster Flash. Whilst Shahbaz enjoyed his time in the music industry – his interest in science and engineering never waned.

However, it wasn’t until after his marriage, that Shahbaz found a renewed drive and interest to complete a degree and pursue a career in engineering. Returning full circle, Shahbaz again commenced a Bachelor of Science at the University of Western Australia – starting off slowly, one unit at a time whilst working full time. He then decided to pursue study full time in order to complete his degree and then a Master of Chemical Engineering. During this time, he took the opportunity to support himself and his family by taking on mining jobs through the summer break and working hard to achieve scholarships whilst studying. During his full-time study, Shahbaz and his wife also welcomed three children to the world. When asked what was different this time, Shahbaz commented:

"I was always under the impression I was not good enough or smart enough, but it wasn’t that, I needed to believe in myself and to have an end goal"

"I was inspired to support my family and motivated to give my children a good life and completing my studies was one of the best ways I could do this"

Once he completed his degree, he worked in mining before pursuing his goal of working for Shell. Shahbaz was excited by the challenges of working in the energy industry, but he was daunted about trying to get a job with Shell. Despite this, he reached out to Shell and applied and was ultimately successful in gaining a place in its three-year graduate program. Shahbaz and his family relocated to Queensland to complete the program with Shell QGC – in Chinchilla and then in Brisbane. At all times, Shahbaz has felt welcomed by the Shell QGC team and he relished the sense of teamwork- with managers available to support and guide graduates on their learning journey.

In early 2022, Shahbaz completed the graduate program and is now working as a Process Engineer in Brisbane.

Shahbaz’s journey has been unique, and he hopes by sharing it, he may inspire others to pursue their goals. Importantly, his key message to Indigenous young people is:

"Don’t be afraid to take a chance and to ask questions. Believe in yourself and don’t give up. If it’s not the right time now, try again later"

And to anyone who wishes to pursue the goal of working for Shell:

"Don’t be afraid, the team is so supportive and accessible throughout the whole graduate journey, there are so many opportunities available."

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