Shelley Cable, Shell Finance Analyst, smiling in a park

Mob and background

Noongar. Born and raised in Perth, although mob from Narrogin, Western Australia.

Degree studied


What makes Shell an attractive place to work?

To me, Shell represents opportunity. Its size and international diversification represents a world of opportunity, where employees can have a long and varied career within the one company! Shell also performs an incredibly important function in providing energy to the world, and to work alongside such a large team in delivering this, is something special.

What is the working environment at Shell like?

Shell is full of amazing, top-notch people. Everyone I have met is motivated and has a wide range of life experiences, which they are always willing to share! International diversity is very evident here; it’s not unusual to walk around the office and hear two people talking in Dutch or French!

In terms of my team - I love working with them! The best part is that Shell doesn’t have a typical hierarchical structure; I sit within one Finance Team, but also form part of several Project Teams. This means I get to work with different people all the time, from a wide range of disciplines, and my job is always changing!

Can you tell us a bit about the support, career development or other things that Shell offers you?

Shell is very strong on its career development. For example, it is compulsory for every employee to write an Individual Development Plan, which highlights areas of strength and improvement, and identifies ways to develop professionally, whether this is through leadership courses, technical classes, working on specific projects or going on international rotations.

Do you have a mentor?

I’m lucky enough to have lots of mentors – both officially and unofficial, internal and external to Shell. I personally place a very high value on mentors, because I have the opportunity to get advice from a wide range of people. Knowing that these people look out for you, and that there is always someone to talk with who has been in your shoes before, is something I don’t think is rated highly enough.

Do you currently make use of flexible working?

I do! The possibility to work from home is a big plus, and the flexible office hours allow me to either take some time out during the day to exercise in the sunshine, or to start my day earlier or later depending on my external commitments.

What type of person do you feel would best suit the working culture at Shell?

Shell definitely attracts the high-achievers; everyone I’ve met is ambitious and unafraid of hard work. At the same time, everyone is so incredibly friendly and willing to help out, especially when you’re new! It definitely feels like a big family here, and this is my favourite part about working at Shell!

Final words of advice for applicants?

Please, apply! If you are serious about your career – this really is the place to be. You can find support from Shell recruitment and HR. Shell has a RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) that has a focus on indigenous employment and they are in the early stage of their journey, which gives us mob a big opportunity to make a difference and shape the culture here from the early stages. This is an opportunity I think is really special to have, and certainly adds some additional excitement to working here!

Tell us a bit about yourself

• If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Smiley, ambitious and determined.

• What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love sport of all kinds (especially triathlon and footy), music (piano and guitar), travelling and exploring, and learning anything new!

• Would you describe yourself as a tea/coffee/soda or water drinker?

Definitely a cappuccino girl! I look forward to my coffee dates every morning.

More in shell’s commitment to diversity and inclusion

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