My role in a nutshell

I was working as a lawyer in the Shell legal team, but for exactly a year now I’ve been in the Finance Department. I focus on risk management, assurance, and governance. It’s a diverse role working with lots of stakeholders.

Nandini Pereira

Dialling in on the big issues

I join all audit calls and participate in assurance activities around the country. These conversations are around the performance standards that we set for ourselves and ensuring that our assets and safety are compliant with Shell standards.

Assessing risks at every level

I conduct risk reviews on both current and emerging risks. From an asset level, I have to pick up key issues, escalate them to the leadership team and understand what’s going on across Australia.

Bringing my “A” game

I enjoy presenting to the leadership teams and providing them with a snapshot of the assurance activities, governance, risk, controls, incidents etc. across the organisation. I also connect with the regional teams on best practices, issues, matters or deliverables on a regular basis.

Enjoying the ride

On my morning bus journey, I read or listen to podcasts to set me up for the day. I also create balance on weeknights by doing fun activities like trying new restaurants. It’s a great way to get in more quality time with my family and friends. 

Getting my start

My law background provided me with a solid foundation to explore various paths. While I enjoyed private practice, I wanted more diversity, to push myself and to do something different.

When the Shell legal role came up in Perth, I initially didn’t know much about the company or its projects in Australia. However, the more research I did around the opportunity, the diversity and the potential career pathways, I was really attracted to what Shell could offer.

When I applied, I didn’t think I had a chance in hell of getting the role, particularly in the legal scope because its quite competitive, but ended up going through the interview process and was successful.

Over the last six years I’ve worked in the Shell legal team and recently moved into this new role which has been refreshing and a new challenge.

Shell in 4 words:

Global, Safety-conscious, Innovative, Influential

Why a career with Shell?

I was attracted to Shell because of its significant presence in the global energy market. Being tied to a brand that’s so influential is exciting and I’m really proud of that.

Knowing that we’re trying to make a difference gets me up every morning. We have a focus on cleaner energy solutions, we are big on safety, we are innovative, and we are trying different strategies in different markets.

I believe it’s important to push yourself and I really like that about Shell and the broadening opportunities that can come your way, like my current job.

I’m most proud of…

the global reputation and uncompromising safety focus the company has. In my personal life, that my husband and I have had successful and diverse careers to date.

I’d tell my younger self…

you don’t always need a five-year plan, to value your relationships and to just enjoy yourself. Join that committee, travel and explore your interests.

In the future I’ll be…

managing a team, continuing to enjoy work-life balance, and a role model. I’d love to inspire others and be someone that they feel comfortable talking to and growing with.

I see opportunities in…

new energies, emerging markets, cleaner energy solutions, technology, as well as diversity and inclusion.

Shell and my development

  • The Shell Open University is a great tool to learn new skills, especially when you start a new role or project.
  • There are countless career opportunities to broaden your skills. You don’t have to fit all the criteria if your skills are well suited and you’re capable.
  • We have lots of buy-in, awareness and committees around diversity and inclusion. One that I am a part of is Achieving Real Change (ARC), Shell Australia’s gender equality network. Seeing is believing and we have a lot more female role models now.
  • At Shell, I can learn from anyone and everyone. I look to those juggling a hectic personal life but still showing up with a smile, dual career couples, as well as senior leaders like Zoe Yujnovich, our EVP and Country Chair, who is an incredibly intelligent and impressive person.

“I wouldn’t have thought in a million years that I would be in a finance role but the skills and training I learnt in law were so transitional and adaptable.”

What would you say to anyone considering a career at Shell?

Just do it. I know that confidence or the lack of confidence can sometimes be an issue, especially for women wanting to apply for a new role or seek out a large, global company, but it’s absolutely not out of reach.

There are so many great learning opportunities and roles at Shell. Especially in STEM on the technical side and at the grad program level.

What is making you think differently right now?

The Women at Work podcast by The Harvard Business Review. It provides great tips and strategies for women in the workplace. Anything from bringing your whole self to the office, mums returning to work or how to deal with difficult conversations.