My role in a nutshell

I look after environmental management for Shell Australia. I manage operative and non-operative ventures, natural gas and new energies. My role involves delivering our carbon strategy supporting the Net Carbon Footprint aspirations; as well as working with the company’s Energy Transition Program. Recently, I’ve been working on the evolution of the grad program.

Marwa Al Ansary

No two days are the same

My role is extremely dynamic and exciting. I cover all of Shell’s environmental challenges and opportunities.

Work without borders

I communicate any needs to the Shell Group and align the overall vision. This means I work across Australia and the world.

I love the flexible work hours

My workday doesn’t fit into the constraints of nine to five. I can work at any time and balance my personal life.

Finding the balance

I’ve found that the best way to strike a balance is to empower, motivate and delegate instead of trying to micromanage. This creates a conducive work culture and your days become a lot easier.

Getting my start

I started as a grad in 2007 and today I’ve been involved in the development of the refreshed Shell graduate program.

In developing the program, we’ve been working towards fair assessment across the board. We’re actively addressing gender diversity at every level by ensuring success is governed by merit and not gender. We are focusing on positive action, not positive discrimination. We’re also aware of unconscious biases like gender and ways to eliminate it from the workplace.

Today, we are starting to enjoy more diversity and use a talent system for key decision making that is designed for optimal outcomes.

Shell in 4 words:

Visionary, Innovative, Resilient, Trustworthy

Why a career with Shell?

I do come from a family of mostly engineers, but they are all males. However, from a young age, I knew that I always wanted to make a difference in the world and could do this through STEM.

Marwa Al Ansary

I’m most proud of…

leaving a positive legacy in each country I worked in.

I’d tell my younger self…

to praise opportunities, trust yourself, you can do it and will do it.

In the future I’ll be…

one of the top executive leaders of Shell globally.

I see opportunities in…

any problem as it triggers opportunities and possibilities. That is what drives me and wakes me up motivated every morning.

Shell and my development

  • There is a gamut of development programmes on offer, including diversity & inclusiveness, female development programmes like Senior Women Connect, individual development plans, leadership courses, mentoring and gender equality groups.
  • I have an amazing professional family. As a team, we offer so much support to each other, which is brilliant to be a part of.
  • The leaders here help drive people by inspiring them through trust and not by fear. They are diverse, inclusive and aware of unconscious biases.

“Shell has really opened the world to me. I’ve always felt empowered in the workplace and that I am in the driving seat of my career.”

What would you say to anyone considering a career at Shell?

We have so many tools and programs in place to elevate you. Shell gives opportunity, provides faith in talents and has an amazing culture of care. They make you proud of being a woman and enable you to be a major contributor and catalyst in the company. I’ll also tell them to study and educate themselves all through life.

What is making you think differently right now?

StrengthsFinder by Tom Rath. It’s an eye-opening book about self-awareness and how to invest in your talent to make it a strength.