My role in a nutshell

I run the maintenance team for Shell’s QGC business, which consists of 80 people looking after all of our compression and wells sites. My day is about running the site, looking after everyone and keeping them safe. 

Casha standing

Rise and stride

I live on site, so I like to go for a run most mornings. I find it clears my head before starting work.

Thriving on structure

My day follows a clear structure involving lots of scheduled meetings with various teams. I look at the daily deliverables, address any potential incidents, make sure everyone's safe and have what they need.

Right in the action

I prefer to be on the front line, so I spend as much time as possible out in the field with the team, checking in, and seeing what’s going on.

Culture of care

I’ve spent the last two years building a culture of care. It’s about getting the right people in the right roles. Today, everyone has the best time and there are really good vibes.

“Don’t worry about what the job ad says, just go ahead and apply.”

Getting my start

I applied for a job as a Maintenance Team Analyst through Seek about six years ago. After about three years, I asked to get more work in the field with the wells maintenance team to further my experience. After a year of working hard to maintain that site and make it more efficient, this job came up and I’ve been in it for two years now.

My career path is considered pretty unconventional- you would normally work your way up from the shop floor to a senior leadership role. So, when it was announced that I got the role of Maintenance Superintendent, I think a few people’s mouths dropped open. However, the Operations Manager recognised my achievements and knew I could handle the new challenges of this role.

Shell in 4 words:

Caring, Safe, Inclusive, Diverse

Why a career in STEM?

I get great satisfaction in working somewhere where I can touch and feel what is being achieved. You get to see things come to fruition and have the ability to impact change. I’m proud to say that everything I’ve done in my career so far has directly impacted the people and what we produce here.

In terms of a Shell STEM career, it’s really about the culture of care. This culture empowers me to provide an environment where people have the time and space to learn, progress, and execute their work safely. It is the reason I am here, in this role, and it is rewarding to continue to cultivate this with my team and the next generation of apprentices and graduates.

I’m most proud of…

the relationship I have with my team

I’d tell my younger self…

it doesn’t matter what you think you’ll do when you’re 17 because it won’t impact the rest of your life

In the future I’ll be…

an asset manager in Shell Calgary so I can ski!

I see opportunities in…

the way that we interact with people as a whole in the business

Shell and my career

  • Once Shell identifies your potential, they will help get you to where you need to go. They are always putting me forward for things like the Women's Career Development programme
  • Shell gave me an amazing mentor and have connected with me with the global network who have taken a big interest in my career
  • I am inspired by amazing leaders like Hans Mooren, the Asser Operations Manager for QGC. Every decision he makes is based on integrity. The way he interacts with everyone is with honesty and respect

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, but Shell was the first company that said, ‘let's give her a go’ as a leader.”

What would you say to anyone considering a career at Shell?

Don’t worry about what the job ad says, just go ahead and apply. I took a non-traditional route and it worked out great. In my experience, once you have the confidence in yourself and your self-worth, you can do anything.

What is making you think differently right now?

The people I work with. They are constantly pushing me to grow and change.

I’m also loving Lego Masters on TV. It appeals to my inner child.