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Curiosity is key

Jessica Zhu shares her story and gives advice for women wanting to join Shell.

Becoming successfully shy

Discover how IT Manager, Mary Jarrett, has overcome her struggle with shyness and set her on track to fulfilling her career potential.

Focusing on people and their passion

Rafidah Jumal, Cluster Finance Manager,  explains why Shell wants employees to find a balance between work and family.

Learning through mentoring circles

Shell’s mentoring circles are an opportunity for employees to enhance their professional and personal skills through discussion, listening and challenging each other.

Featured Content


Shell understands your need for a flexible workplace. Hear from employees making an impact at Shell and discover how they’re getting the balance right.

Training and Development

We know that an investment in your development contributes not only to your personal growth, but also to the growth of our business. Learn about the various training opportunities.