I have just transferred into my new role from the Operations Readiness and Asset team with Prelude to join Commissioning and Start Up (CSU), moving directly into a Technip Samsung Consortium (TSC) secondee position that will see me running utilities in the yard for TSC.

My journey as a Prelude technician started back in June 2014 in Perth. A group of 13 new starters from all different parts of Australia turned up for our first day at Shell. I remember this day clearly, not knowing anyone and feeling a little nervous whilst I was waiting in the Shell office with the rest of the new starters. I was thinking to myself, “have I done the right thing resigning from my previous role in sunny Queensland, to take up a new position on the other side of Australia or even another country?”

After the introductions the next 12 weeks of onboarding was explained to the team. It was impressive, you could tell a lot of thought had gone into what was required to prepare the team to work on and support Prelude. I’ve got to say, HR have done a great job employing such a talented and diverse group of people that work well together and all have the same goal: to make Prelude safe, and to make Prelude work.

It was during this period that I knew I had made the right decision to join Shell!

After the first four weeks in the Shell office it was off to ACEPT (Australian Center for Energy and Process Training) for eight weeks of training. This consisted of an introduction to the different operating systems onboard Prelude.

It was during this period that I became aware of just how big Prelude was going to be, well I thought I did, until I actually saw it for the first time floating in the water at Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard here in Korea. WOW! What a monster, I was absolutely amazed by the size of the facility when I first saw it.

In September 2014 I started my first rotation to South Korea and joined the operational readiness team located within the shipyard and now I am onto my next challenge of working alongside my colleagues in CSU and TSC to commission and operate the Prelude utilities for the first time.

My expertise is in power generation which is just one of the 32 utilities systems that need to be commissioned. These systems include seven boilers (the largest marine boilers ever built), three steam turbines, water treatment and air and nitrogen systems just to name a few. As you can imagine utilities and power generation is an integral part of operating Prelude FLNG so getting it done safely and right the first time is critical.

The Shell team during this CSU phase will work very closely with TSC and vendors to bring the different systems and equipment on-line. My role along with 15 other Shell colleagues will be to ensure that the plant and equipment is operated to the right manufacturer‘s specifications and tolerances during commissioning and testing. We will be commissioning and non-stop training to ensure that we are 100 percent ready for Prelude start-up prior to sail away.

This is a very exciting time and I feel blessed to be a part of this talented and dynamic team and look forward to successfully commissioning this project. It is something definitely worth telling the kids – I do this quite a bit and hopefully one day I can show them where Dad works.

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