Rosie Johnstone, a Senior Exploration Geoscientist, has worked for Shell Australia since 2006 and has taken advantage of the flexible working arrangements that Shell Australia offers all employees.

“I’ve had a few different roles since I joined, but in all that time I have worked flexibly. I was pregnant when I joined and upon my return to work, it was up to me to decide how many days a week I was comfortable with,” said Rosie. She gradually increased her hours from one to three days when her son was in daycare. Since he has been at school Rosie now works 85% of a full-time schedule, leaving work at 2.00pm, three days a week.

Rosie appreciates that each of her team leaders have been respectful of her working arrangements with no pressure to increase her hours or work late. In turn, Rosie ensures that all her work is completed by deadline and if there are any unavoidable longer days (such as external meetings, training etc), she will attend in full. “I am also flexible,” Rosie emphasised.

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“Another occasion where my team was wonderfully supportive was when I needed to take time off to nurse my mother before she died in 2012,” Rosie recalled. “There was no pressure to return to work, only assurance that my job would be waiting for me when I was ready. I was away for three months, and taking unpaid leave was not an issue”.

Rosie believes that working part-time at Shell has encouraged her to work efficiently and she feels that she gets as much done in her 85% attendance as she would if she were to work 100%. “Working permanently part-time has not hindered my career and there is ongoing research that challenges the assumption that longer hours mean higher productivity.”

“I’ve had a few different roles since I joined, but in all that time I have worked flexibly.”

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