Describe your work on Shell’s Prelude Project

It’s very exciting to be part of the Prelude project, especially at this stage where in essence we are shaping the future for many years of operations. So to have the opportunity to be a founding part of that is humbling.

So far the work I have been involved with includes:

  • “Quality Inspections” on plant, not just in my department, but in all areas of the Prelude facility.
  • Writing manuals and procedures for the services department. As this will be Shell Australia’s first upstream operations, we have the chance to shape how Prelude will run.
  • HSSE audits of the contractors working during the construction phase. This part of my job is crucial, helping to keep not only our internal work force safe but also the local work force building Prelude. This is very important to me personally.
  • Assisting others with technical queries for work pack development.

What do you enjoy about your current role and what’s the most exciting thing you have been involved in so far?

My current role in the project is different to what I’m used to. This is my first time on a construction project in a ship yard. Prior to this, I’ve always worked hands on in the field; so carrying out reviews of systems and writing procedures from scratch is a bit foreign to me, but once you realise that we have a chance to improve on work procedures and techniques to shape the future, it’s very rewarding.

Describe what makes Shell and the Prelude project unique?

I really feel like I’m being heard and that my professional opinion is being listened to. Shell has done a great job with recruitment of its management team, in that, Shell allows its employees to make decisions and take responsibilities for those decisions.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked in a place that has so much experience on one project, and it gives me great confidence that this world first facility will be a great success!

How has Shell supported you professionally and personally?

I immediately knew from the moment I arrived at my assessment centre for the role that I was in the right place. The interviewing team made me feel so welcome and relaxed, instantly killing all nerves, allowing me to relax and be myself. So when I was informed I was a chosen candidate there was no hesitation to accept the role.

In my short time on the project and with Shell, it’s been nothing like I’ve previously experienced working either offshore or onshore. I don’t think any other company around the world can compete with the extremely generous onboarding program in Perth that I experienced. The flawless professional transfer to Korea only reassured me I had made the right decision to relocate my family from everything we knew in Australia.

Shell’s whole employment philosophy has blown me away. Shell fully encourages professional development for its employee’s and makes it easy to move between departments to cater for all employee needs. This is something I’ve never experienced from another employer.

The focus Shell promotes on a family friendly work place also blows my mind, to have an emphasis from Shell to correctly manage a life-work balance is fantastic.

Why should others apply to work on the Prelude project?

Shell encourages its employees to spread their wings and move to other sections of the business. These opportunities really feed my development appetite and the opportunities are endless.

Being employed and part of the Prelude project is definitely something I’m very proud, everyone in the team is working hard to ensure success. I have every confidence in the entire team that we will change the industry for ever.

What’s your advice to others applying to Shell and the oil and gas industry?

My advice to anyone with aspirations of working for Shell is to jump right in and apply, the team I’m surrounded by here in Geoje is the most professional and experienced team that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

To be able to contribute to this world first project is very humbling and rewarding.

I sometimes have to pinch myself when I think about the ground breaking project that Prelude is when you consider that this is a world first project in the LNG industry and the fact that the world is watching. When the success of this project is realised, it will change the industry forever, so to think that I was chosen out of a distinguished list of applicants is mind boggling!

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