Ian hitchbox

Who are LIVIN and what is HitchBox?

The HitchBox concept was created by Ian, who then partnered with LIVIN as the charity of choice to work with.

HitchBox helps to break down the barrier to seeking help and crush the stigma associated with mental health, especially in heavy industry and ‘working away from home’ environments. It puts positive and pro-active messaging and tools in front of staff, inside their ‘home away from home’ and away from judgement, packaged up in something that people actually want to engage with. The coupling of the two elements – the essentials kit and the pro-active mental health management tools – sends the message to staff that they are cared for, empowered and encouraged to speak up or seek help to maintain good mental health.

What inspired your passion for supporting mental health causes?

The HitchBox concept and my passion to help is a result of my own personal experiences with isolation and withdrawal. During a period where I felt depressed and ‘stuck’, I withdrew from my peers, my family, and my workmates. The last thing I wanted to do was to ask for the mental health assistance line. On the other side of that experience I reflected a lot on why I didn’t seek help earlier. I came to the conclusion that I sub-consciously kept quiet because of the stigma and stereotype surrounding mental health. It was this realisation that led me down the path of creating something to help people in similar situations to that one I experienced.