Through proactive fraud prevention, in 2011, our Shell Card Global team has saved our customers $4 million through – we’re always on the lookout for suspicious behaviour. 

With Shell Card Online, you control exactly how your cards can be used, stopping fraudulent use before it happens using purchase controls. 

Individual PIN  

Every Shell Fuel Card is protected by an individual card PIN, adding a further layer of security. Every card can also be embossed with an individual vehicle number or driver’s name, helping encourage your drivers to look after cards carefully.   

Real control over your cards   

Order new cards or cancel existing ones in minutes, making it easier than ever to prevent lost or stolen card usage. Speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives 24 hours a day, seven days a week to block a lost or stolen card

More in Shell Fuel Card

Fuel and fleet management

We’re here to give you the insights, online tools and the flexibility to help your fleet run more smoothly.

Savings you can see

You’ll soon notice the difference when you start using a Shell Fuel Card. Helping you manage costs and reduce administration.