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Turn Your Vehicle Into A Paperless Office

When it comes to business trips, nothing is more tedious than logging your every move and storing every receipt so you can write an expense report and claim back the money you’re owed.

By Shell on Nov. 27, 2019

It’s right up there with roadworks and parking tickets when it comes to things that make you wish you’d stayed in the office.

But keeping track of your trip needn’t be a nightmare. Just download the right app, and expenses and other details virtually take care of themselves. Features to look out for include receipt logging, GPS mileage tracking and integration with accounting systems.

Here are some notable options:


Take a photo of a receipt and Exemplify will record it, categorise it and submit it back to the office for approval and reimbursement (or send it to your accountant), leaving you free to attend to more important stuff, like sitting by the pool and doing important research over a cold drink. The app will also sync with credit cards, log your mileage and send you travel notifications. Suitable for everyone from sole traders to employees at big companies.

  • Available from: App Store and Google Play.
  • Cost: Free version available. Subscriptions from $6.99 a month.

Squirrel Street

Formerly known as Shoeboxed Australia, Squirrel Street will digitise all your paper receipts. Submit them via scans, uploads, email, or physically in a prepaid ‘Magic Envelope’, and actual humans in the Sydney-based team will validate and process them, store them in the cloud, and have them ready for integration into your accounting system before you know it. It’s Aussie-based and ATO compliant.

  • Available from: App Store.
  • Cost: From $27.95 a month.


Mileage Tracker by Driversnote promises to put your car log on autopilot. The app records your trips using your phone’s GPS. You then classify the trip according to its purpose, and your mileage report is ready when you need it, complete with reimbursements calculated according to ATO rules.

  • Available from: App Store and Google Play.
  • Cost: Free for up to 20 trips a month. $13.50 a month for unlimited trips and an in-car iBeacon that makes the app start and stop automatically.


Want to save up to 10 per cent on petrol usage? Australia-made GOFAR is more than an app. Plugged into your car’s computer – and with the GOFAR Ray device sitting on your dashboard – it not only automates your mileage expenses, but monitors your car’s performance, telling you if you have a fault, and letting you know when you’re driving efficiently.


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