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Five Tasty Snacks That Will Keep You Healthy On The Road

Once upon a time, being out on the road for long stretches of time was synonymous with pastries and packets of chips. Not anymore.

By Shell on Sep. 01, 2021

These days, though, service stations are packed with options that’ll fuel you up with nutrients during your rest stop and give you the energy you need to get back on the road. Try out these five healthy meal options next time you’re swinging by a Shell Coles Express service station.

1) Dried fruit and porridge

There ’s nothing quite like a bowl of steaming, creamy oats for breakfast. No microwave? No worries. Just add water to instant porridge pots for a nourishing, fibre-rich breakfast. Top it off with some sultanas – or maybe an apple or banana on the side – to really pack in those nutrients. It’ll keep you going for the rest of the day.

2) DIY protein plate

If you use a little imagination, you can whack together a healthy, hearty on-the-go meal in no time. Grab yourself a tin of tuna, a packet of nuts, some hummus and a cracker pack for a meal that’ll fill you up and keep energy levels high. Bonus points for picking up a piece of fruit for later.

3) Triple chicken wrap

Wraps are the ultimate handheld meal – and with the triple chicken wrap you won’t even need to choose between flavours. Made with RSPCA-approved chicken, this triple whammy comes with a chicken Caesar wrap, a sweet-chilli chicken wrap and a fried-chicken wrap that’s also loaded up with slaw to hit your veggie goals. There are lots of other wrap and sandwich options, too.

4) Peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich

This sandwich has it all: protein-rich and heart-healthy peanut butter, potassium-packed banana and, if you choose a grain bread (which we heartily recommend), plenty of fibre – and you can get all the ingredients at the next Shell Coles Express you pass. Just pick up a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, a banana and a bottle of honey and assemble. It’s the perfect salty-sweet combo to get you through your day – and you’ll have a few non-perishables on hand when the hunger pangs hit next time, as well.

5) A Bliss protein ball and piece of fruit

Sometimes we’re just after a lighter meal that’ll keep us going till our next stop. The perfect combo when you want something smaller than a full-blown meal but bigger than a snack? A protein ball and a piece of fruit. Not only will you pump your energy levels and get a blast of nutrients (protein from the ball, fibre and vitamins from the fruit), but it’s also a super-simple on-the-go meal when you don’t have a lot of time to spare.


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