The purpose is to identify and assess the potential environmental and social impacts of the project, and to commit to implementing practicable measures that will minimise negative impacts and maximise any benefits.

Subject to NOPSEMA’s acceptance of the Offshore Project Proposal, it will then form the basis of future activity-specific environment plans which will also be submitted to NOPSEMA.

What is an Offshore Project Proposal?

The Offshore Project Proposal provides an early-stage, whole-of-project assessment.

The content describes:

  • the project area, the proposed activities and its expected timeframe;
  • the environmental management framework, including legislation and regulatory requirements;
  • the existing natural, social and economic environments of the local and regional setting, including issues specific to the project;
  • the possible impacts and risks to the environment from both planned (normal) and unplanned (emergency) operations; and, 
  • a framework for environmental management, including defining key mitigation strategies and environmental performance outcomes , which will inform the measurement and monitoring of performance throughout the life of the project.

This site has been designed to provide an overview of the content contained within the comprehensive Offshore Project Proposal document provided to NOPSEMA.

To view the full Offshore Project Proposal visit NOPSEMA’s project page, where you can also leave comments or feedback.

The length of the public comment period is eight weeks, as decided by NOPSEMA.

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