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Who we are

Shell’s QGC business is the operator of the Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) venture (Shell 73.75%, CNOOC 25% and Tokyo Gas 1.25%). This venture includes Walloons Coal Seam Gas Company (Walloons), a company owned by Shell QGC (75%) and CNOOC (25%). Walloons is the market facing entity for the QCLNG venture in the Australian east coast gas market.

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How we operate

Walloons is the aggregator of natural gas for the QCLNG venture and is responsible for managing the delivery of natural gas to the QCLNG terminal on Curtis Island, as well as for domestic marketing and trading of gas associated with the QCLNG venture.

Although Shell is a participant in the QCLNG venture, Shell also participates in the Australian east coast domestic gas market through its wholly owned Shell Energy Australia business, which operates separately from Walloons.

Information management protocols are in place to prevent the flow of sensitive customer and marketing information between the ringfenced teams of Walloons and Shell Energy. This ring-fencing protocol allows the two entities to act independently of each other.

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Shell’s QGC business produces natural gas to supply the Australian domestic market and for export as LNG via a two-train LNG liquefaction plant on Curtis Island in Queensland. Shell’s QGC business is the service provider to Walloons Coal Seam Gas Company Pty Limited, ACN 130 344 366.

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About QGC

We operate a LNG plant on Curtis Island, and natural gas operations which include wells, compression stations and processing plants.

Shell Trading and Supply

Shell Trading Supports the Shell businesses by trading natural gas, electrical power, crude oil, refined products, chemical feedstocks and environmental products.