Unfortunately Mr Booth has either denied or ignored each of these requests.

QGC and our people have been respectful and fair in all of our dealings with Mr Booth. We successfully cooperate with hundreds of farmers in regional Queensland and are disappointed we have not been able to establish a workable relationship with Mr Booth to date. However, we will continue to strive to do so.

QGC accepts there are areas along the pipeline on Mr Booth’s property requiring work, which is not uncommon with the installation of this type of infrastructure. Until Mr Booth allows access, we can’t address his concerns or State environmental requirements. We have previously provided regulators a plan for the remediation works , which we can implement once we are granted access to the property.

As we can’t access the property, we are also unable to fully assess the validity of his concerns on overland water flow issues. We have already proposed to undertake a topographical survey on his property so that we can determine what, if any, remediation works are required. We have also suggested an appropriate, independent consultant to Mr Booth to assess his claims that overland water flow had been impacted as a result of our activities. Both parties are yet to agree on a suitable consultant to engage to make this assessment.

QGC’s agreement with Mr Booth includes compensation for the infrastructure on his property. On Mr Booth’s request, in December 2016, QGC also made an offer to purchase his property,  however to date he has not responded to that offer.  

We remain willing to reach agreement with Mr Booth as soon as he is ready.

QGC has signed over 2,100 agreements with landholders.  In the five years to June 2016 we paid over $100 million to landholders.

We are proud of our efforts in working with landholders and regional communities to help bring the job-creating benefits of Queensland’s onshore gas industry to local regional communities.

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