Treatment process

Most water is separated from gas at the wellhead before flowing through a network of gathering pipelines to storage ponds that are connected to QGC's treatment facilities.

QGC's two water treatment plants have been operational since 2014 and their combined average output in 2016 was 65 mega litres a day - about 25 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The efficient reverse osmosis treatment process converts most of the water into good quality treated water suitable for beneficial use.

The treated water is delivered into two major irrigation schemes on the Condamine and Dawson Rivers. Some farmers now have commercial opportunities to develop an irrigation system that they normally wouldn’t have, and can build their farming business in an area often plagued by drought. 

Water treatment is beneficial for business, communities and the environment.

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Beneficial use of water

QGC aims to reuse water generated in or used for its operations. Find out more about two partnerships resulting in beneficial use of water solutions.

Regulation of water

Information about the federal water-related approval conditions Shell QGC has to comply with.

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