State and federal legislation

The Petroleum and Gas Act 2004 (Qld) governs most aspects of our gas production activities and the Water Act 2000 (Qld) outlines obligations relating to water extracted during gas production.

QGC's Stage 3 Water Monitoring and Management Plan provides a detailed overview of QGC's planned water infrastructure and water monitoring programs.

QGC lodged its Water Resource Management Plan (WRMP) to the Federal Government for approval in December 2016. 

The Plan details the latest developments in our approach as well as the progress made against commitments that were outlined in the Stage 3 Water Monitoring and Management Plan that received Federal approval in December 2013. Approval of the WRMP by the Federal Government Minister for the Environment is pending.

Bore baseline assessment

The Water Act 2000 outlines the process for undertaking bore baseline assessments on water bores within QGC's tenements before gas production commences.  

The baseline assessments are important because they provide information on bore and groundwater characteristics before gas extraction begins.

The baseline assessment is undertaken in accordance with guidelines published by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

The assessment involves gathering information on water level and quality, bore depth and diameter, bore construction and type of pumping infrastructure.

QGC provides results of all assessments to landholders and the Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (formerly the Queensland Water Commission).

Make good

Under the Water Act 2000, natural gas companies such as QGC are obliged to "make good" any water bores that are impaired due to their activities.

QGC is committed to working with landholders to meet make good obligations.

The Underground Water Impact Report for the Surat Cumulative Management Area, effective from 19 September 2016, predicts the cumulative impacts within the Surat Basin, with a focus on identifying the immediately affected area and long-term affected area of various aquifers, and a regional monitoring program.

Download the Underground Water Impact Report for the Surat Cumulative Management Area from the Office of the Groundwater Impact Assessment website.

More in Water Management

Water monitoring and measurement

QGC's monitoring network will measure and record groundwater pressure and quality; to help us understand and manage any impact associated.

Water management reports

Water monitoring and management plans, water management annual reports and the Surat North Development Water Resource Monitoring and Management Plan

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