QGC has introduced new procedures to be followed by anyone proposing to construct infrastructure that would cross or encroach within 15 metres of any QGC infrastructure. This is to ensure the safety of all personnel and to avoid damage to company or landowner infrastructure. You must obtain QGC's approval before any construction can take place.

What you need to do:

  • Please perform a Dial Before You Dig request by phoning 1100 during business hours or visiting www.1100.com.au before working around QGC infrastructure. 
  • If you are a third party stakeholder  wanting to cross QGC infrastructure must submit a Crossings Application and obtain an executed Crossing Approval from the Asset Planning Team before they submit the PTW request. Third party stakeholders can contact their Land Access Advisor or the Asset Planning Team via QGC-Crossings@shell.com.
  • QGC construction contractors must obtain a QGC Crossing ID and Crossing Map before they submit the Permit To Work request. A Crossing Application is not required; contact the Asset Planning Team via QGC-Crossings@shell.com to request the Crossing ID and Crossing Map.

Which activities require an agreement:

You need an executed Crossing Approval from QGC to do any of the following within 15 metres of QGC infrastructure:

  • Building of any structure, pit, well, bore, dam, paved roadway, pipeline, fence or cable.
  • Changing the ground surface level or exceeding the agreed cultivation depth.
  • Planting trees with deep roots.
  • Transporting vehicles and machinery exceeding 15 tonnes across or along the easement - see vehicle crossings below.
  • Blasting or seismic surveys, please advise QGC if planning these activities within one kilometre of the easement. 

Crossing approval process

QGC's crossing approval process is as follows: Third party stakeholders wishing to cross or encroach within 15 metre of any QGC infrastructure must submit a completed Crossing Application and supporting documentation to the QGC Asset Planning Team at  QGC-Crossings@shell.com.

That documentation will undergo technical assessment. Once the Application is accepted on a technical basis, it will then be reviewed through QGC's Agreement Control Form (ACF) process to assess commercial, corporate and legal aspects. If it is found to be acceptable, a Crossing Approval will be issued to the crossing party for signing.

The relevant documents for crossing enquiries are below:

QGC Crossing Application
QGC Crossing Approval 
Guidelines for Work Near QGC Pipelines
Excavation Procedure

Vehicle crossings - what you need to know

  • Vehicles may only drive across buried pipelines at right angles. 
  • Vehicles must not cross buried pipelines in wet or boggy conditions or where the pipeline cover has been reduced by erosion etc. 
  • Vehicles with a gross weight of between 15 and 44 tonnes may cross without prior QGC approval only at designated vehicle crossings. Designated vehicle crossings include sealed and unsealed roads, well access roads and crossings identified by signage, as well as those locations identified as approved vehicle crossings in any agreement between QGC and a landholder (subject to any restrictions or conditions in that agreement).
  • QGC's Crossing Approval must be obtained before crossing buried QGC infrastructure at non-designated vehicle crossing points.
  • All crossings of QGC buried infrastructure by vehicles with a gross weight over 44 tonnes must first be approved by QGC.
  • Road registered vehicles with a gross weight of up to 15 tonnes may cross at designated vehicle crossings and occasionally at non-designated vehicle crossings without prior QGC approval, but only where the depth of cover of buried QGC infrastructure is confirmed to be 1.2 metres or more.
  • QGC's approval is required if frequent crossings are planned for non-designated vehicle crossings.

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