Well site inspections

Site Inspection

Well site inspections

A team of 50 operators inspect each of our 3,000 plus wells once a fortnight. Operators are required to adhere strictly to land access and weed management rules for individual properties as outlined in the Queensland Government’s Land Access Code. This team, who drive utility vehicles, represent a major proportion of our vehicle movements around the region.

Pipeline inspections

Pipeline Inspections

Pipeline inspections

Shell’s QGC business operators work in small teams to inspect the 543km Wallumbilla Gladstone Pipeline easement to monitor the infrastructure and progress of vegetation rehabilitation. The Wallumbilla Gladstone Pipeline is a high pressure transmission pipeline connecting the gas fields in the Surat Basin to our LNG plant on Curtis Island. Activities in the third quarter of 2020 include:

  1. Aerial inspections using a helicopter are conducted from west of Dalby (Ruby Jo site) to west of Wandoan (Woleebee Creek site) and between Chinchilla and Gladstone. This occurs every six weeks.
  2. Regular easement inspections from west of Dalby (Ruby Jo) to Wandoan (Woleebee Creek) and Gladstone (Curtis Island).

Road upgrade

Shell’s QGC business road upgrades

Shell’s QGC business continues its maintenance program for local roads across the Western Downs.

Bundi Road, Horse Creek Road and McAlisters Road

QGC have upgraded these roads to reduce road damage and dust.

The results have been positive with significantly less dust and smoother driving conditions for all road users.

Freemans Road

QGC have engaged the Western Downs Regional Council to seal a section of Freemans Road.

The work will extend the existing sealed section of Freemans Road to a total of 1.9km in length.

Moonie Highway / Gulera Road Intersection.

QGC have engaged the Western Downs Regional Council to design the upgrading of the Moonie Highway – Gulera Road Intersection.

The proposed upgrade will require approval by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The timeframe for construction will be considered once a detailed, approved scope of works is available.

Redgum Road / Gulera Road Intersection.

QGC have engaged the Western Downs Regional Council to design the upgrading of the Redgum Road – Gulera Road Intersection.

The proposed upgrade will provide a wider, safer intersection with sealed approaches from all directions.


Goog a Binge


Goog-a-binge is the current onshore natural gas development project for Shell’s QGC business. It is located in Queensland’s Surat Basin and includes about 250 wells, which connect to our existing facilities that supply natural gas to domestic and export customers. Drilling commenced in February 2019, with over 175 wells drilled by July 2020, the project is continuing to track to schedule and budget. Goog-a-binge was the name gifted by the local traditional owner group, the Iman people. Goog-a-binge, is the Iman word for scrub turkey, a significant totem for this group, and found across the region.

Water treatment

Water Treatment

The Northern Water Treatment Plant, at Woleebee Creek south-west of Wandoan, and the Kenya Water Treatment Plant, south-west of Chinchilla, are successfully processing water produced in the surrounding gas fields for beneficial use within these regions. These two water treatment plants enable QGC to make available for beneficial use up to 97% of the raw coal seam gas water processed at each plant. The following table summarises the average daily production at each water treatment plant and the total volume of water processed to date.

Kenya 22.9 ML/d
4173.6 ML
Northern 13.6 ML/d
3,323 ML

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In working with landholders we recognise that successful long-term, two-way relationships are built on integrity, fairness and respect.

QGC Social Investment Program

QGC is committed to ensuring the communities where we operate benefit from our presence.


Information on how to apply for the QGC Communities Fund and Sponsorship and Donations program, including elibility requirements, when and how to apply.

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