We value the co-existence of agricultural, pastoral and natural gas industries.

When securing access to land for gas production or related construction activities, our negotiations are conducted in good faith and go above and beyond compliance with Queensland’s statutory land access framework and the Land Access Code

We negotiate in good faith to agree compensation and access rules with landholders.

Landholders have the ability to negotiate on terms and conditions of the access to their land, as well as the level of compensation to be paid for this access.

As part of our collaborative approach to planning for infrastructure on landholder properties, we seek to understand the way the land is used by the landholder, how they operate their business and any future plans.

Typically less than five percent of a property's total surface area is likely to be impacted by the development of gas wells, access tracks and other infrastructure.

Any drilling is conducted under Queensland Government licences and any field development planning considers homes, schools and other community assets, as well as agricultural and environmental responsibilities.

Large facilities such as field compression stations and central processing plants are generally built on QGC's own land.

More information is available to download below;

Information for Landholders

Landholder Safety Around QGC Infrastructure

Additional factsheets are also available for further information.

We endeavour to communicate clearly and consistently, responding effectively to landholder enquiries.

Landholders can call us (toll free) on 1800 030 443, or email us at community@qgc.com.au

You can also visit the Department of Natural Resources and Mines for further information.

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