The Gladstone Region LNG Community Consultative Committee - a joint consultative body convened by QGC, Australia Pacific LNG and Santos GLNG - has existed in its current form since July 2011, the previous QGC Consultative Committee established in April 2010.

The committee is the key forum for dialogue between the Gladstone community and the three LNG companies: QGC, Australia Pacific LNG and Santos GLNG.

QGC, Australia Pacific LNG and Santos GLNG each recognise the importance of building long-term, enduring relationships with communities impacted by their current and future operations.

Membership consists of nominated representatives of organisations/ regions and two representatives from each of the LNG companies. Member organisations were identified by the community to represent a specific impact topic, interest group or geographic area within the Gladstone Regional Council Local Government Area.

The committee has an independent chair and meets three times a year. The steering committee is composed of QGC, Australia Pacific LNG and Santos GLNG representatives.

Gladstone Regional LNG Community Consultative Committee Case Study


  • Kahn Goodluck, Councillor, Gladstone Regional Council
  • Karl French, Local Marine Advisory Committee
  • Lee Griffiths, Gladstone Regional Council
  • David Manttan, Dept Education and Training
  • Darryl Branthwaite, Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Limited
  • Wayne Hartfiel, Southern Region of Gladstone Regional Council LGA
  • Belynda Waugh, Northern Region of Gladstone Regional Council LGA
  • Ann-Marie Johnson, Indigenous Community of Gladstone
  • Cpt Mike Lutze, Volunteer Marine Rescue
  • Cynthia Smyth, South End Progress Association
  • Sharon Kelly, Gladstone Interagency Group
  • TBA, Gladstone Youth Council
  • Rob Gibb, APLNG Community Relations Manager
  • Natalie Fay, APLNG Community Relations Advisor
  • Kylie Williams, Santos GLNG Community Relations Advisor
  • Marilyn Steel, QGC Senior Social Performance and Community Engagement Advisor


The community consultative committee members can raise issues at RCCC meetings on behalf of local organisations or individual community members, within the committee's Terms of Reference.  Contact information for committee members can be sourced from the RCCC minutes (below).

Read the Gladstone Region LNG Community Consultative Committee (RCCC) brochure.

Meeting minutes

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