We produce natural gas to supply the Australian domestic market and for export as LNG via our two-train LNG liquefaction plant on Curtis Island in Queensland. Shell’s QGC business produces natural gas from the Surat Basin of southern Queensland and supplies domestic and international markets.

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A new year and a new-look for Shell’s QGC business

The three blue letters, QGC, are a familiar sight around the Western Downs. Soon this will start to look a bit different. From now on, you’ll increasingly see the iconic yellow and red Shell logo sitting side by side with the blue QGC lettering on our new uniforms, on our cars, around our buildings and on QGC’s Facebook page.

About QGC

We operate a LNG plant on Curtis Island, and natural gas operations which include wells, compression stations and processing plants.

About onshore natural gas

Natural gas is held in the coal by groundwater pressure. When the water is released, gas flows from the seams.


QGC is committed to working sustainably and with respect for the environments in which we work. We operate transparently and report extensively on our progress.

Crossing QGC infrastructure

QGC has procedures for anyone proposing to construct infrastructure that would cross or encroach within 15 metres of QGC infrastructure.


QGC is committed to being a good neighbour and an active member of the community.

Media and publications

Keep up to date with what’s happening at QGC by reading our QGC operations bulletin.

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Shell’s QGC Community Contributions

Information on how to apply for the Shell’s QGC Communities Fund and Community Events Program.

Environment management

Federal and Queensland Government and regulatory authorities have issued QGC with a range of environmental permits and approvals.