We asked Mollie about her experience:

What was the aim of your trip to Broome and the Work Inspirations program?

Broome is our aviation and drilling support base for Prelude. The aim of the Work Inspirations initiative is to inspire Broome high school students to complete school to the highest level and consider pathways that support the energy industry.

Can you tell us a bit about what the program involved?

Together with INPEX, we delivered presentations to year 9 and 12 students. The presentations covered some basic info about LNG, project updates on both Ichthys and Prelude and explored the types of careers available in the industry. I talked to students about my job, how I entered the industry and what it’s like to work for Shell. At the end of the week Shell and INPEX sponsored a career expo at Broome Senior High School. The expo was attended by students from several local schools and included stalls from some of Shell and INPEX’s major contractors.

How did you find heading back to high school?

Walking into a classroom of high school students was more nerve-wracking than presenting to a meeting room full of colleagues! I was very aware that as a 13/14-year-old I probably would have tuned out during a presentation on oil and gas – I was never going to work in a world of engineering and machinery! To try to hold their attention, I asked the students to get involved in a bit of role play by negotiating for a packet of lollies from a supplier. The scenario was that the lollies were needed urgently onboard Prelude during operations (this was going to prevent a strike!). It was a fun exercise that helped them understand a few of the constraints and variables involved in buying and negotiating for Prelude. All our sessions ended with some questions and answers which featured a few curly questions from students!

What was your key take-out from the experience?

Talking to the students was a real reminder that despite being mostly offshore, our project impacts communities. People are interested to know what we are doing and how the decisions made in Perth and elsewhere impact their community.

The helicopter base is right in the middle of town and for every helicopter that takes off, four people are employed to facilitate this - as well as those employed directly and indirectly for our marine and logistics base. Broome is a highly seasonal tourist town which will benefit from the steady stream of personnel heading out to Ichthys and Prelude.

It was great to get an insight into some of the work that our Social Performance team have done and the relationships built within the community. It was also great to have some of our main subcontractors involved in the careers expo and see some of the opportunities for direct employment they provide.

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